Teacher banned for improper sex talk

Chee Chee Leung
October 14, 2006

A MALE Christian studies teacher has been banned from teaching for inappropriate sex talk with students at three Melbourne schools.

Gregory Ronald Henderson was found guilty of serious misconduct, which included behaviour that could be seen as “propositioning” a grade 6 boy.

A disciplinary panel said Mr Henderson showed no remorse, instead blaming students’ “dirty minds” for misinterpreting his behaviour.

The Victorian Institute of Teaching panel found the 44-year-old teacher made inappropriate comments in a year 8 religion and values education class at outer-suburban Beaconhills College in 2002.

During a discussion about circumcision, one boy asked Mr Henderson if he was Jewish and the teacher replied: “Stay behind after class and I will show you.”

The panel found the inappropriate behaviour continued the following year at Keysborough’s Lighthouse Christian College.

He told students he missed having sex, and while talking about homosexuality said, “If I ever decide to become one, I’ll know who to come to first” while stroking a male student’s back and rubbing his hand.

While working as a casual relief teacher at a Government primary school in 2003, he asked a grade 6 boy if he wanted to be friends outside school, and held the boy’s thumb while asking if he knew a boy’s penis was the same size as his thumb.

“All these conversations and interactions were totally inappropriate and manipulative and could be interpreted as a teacher propositioning a year 6 student,” the panel said.

In a statement, the teacher said some of his dealings with the boy were in discussions about inappropriate behaviour, and his talk of circumcision was in a biblical studies context.


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