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Posted: November 21, 2012 by Serendipity in Photo, South Australia
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Pic:  Mike Burton      Source:  AdelaideNow

Ex-teacher jailed longer for more sex abuse

Posted November 11, 2011 07:52:20

A former teacher who abused young boys has had his non-parole term extended for more child sex crimes.

Ronald William Hopkins, 75, faced the Adelaide District Court charged with sexually abusing two more students in the late 1980s, while he was their teacher.

The court heard Hopkins was serving a 10-year jail sentence for similar crimes against five other boys and would have been eligible for parole next May.

It heard the two victims of the latest cases reported their abuse to police during the past year.

Judge Steven Millsteed said Hopkins’ crimes were despicable and he had abused his position of trust to fulfil his sexual desires.

The judge set a two-year head sentence and added an extra 15 months onto Hopkins non-parole period.

Catholic pedophile Ronald William Hopkins ‘to die in jail’

  • by: Court Reporter Hannah Silverman
  • From: AdelaideNow
  • November 10, 2011 5:17PM

A FORMER Catholic school teacher and serial paedophile could now die in jail after the District Court imposed a further 15 months on his non-parole period.

Ronald William Hopkins, 75, was today sentenced for sexually abusing two male students while he was a teacher in the 1980s.

Hopkins, who has incurable cancer, is currently serving a 10-year sentence for abusing five other male students around the same period.

The latest offences came to the attention of police last year.

Today Judge Steven Millsteed extended his sentence by two years and added a further 15 months to his non-parole period.

In sentencing he described Hopkin’s actions as “despicable’.

“Your offending was serious and despicable and involves a grave breach of trust,” he said.

Judge Millsteed said Hopkin’s selfish actions came at the expensive of his victims – both of who attended the same school as four of his five previous victims.

Hopkins had pleaded guilty to two charges of indecent assault, one count of unlawful sexual intercourse act and inciting a child to commit an indecent act.

In 2006, Hopkins was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment – with a seven-year non-parole period – for five counts of unlawful sexual intercourse, five counts of indecent assault and one count of gross indecency.

Had he committed no further offences, the earliest he could be released was May next year.

He now faces release in August 2013.

Hopkins has been diagnosed with prostate cancer and told his illness is incurable.

Previously the court had heard his lawyers ask the court that he spend his last years with his family.

That was rejected today by his extended sentence.

Serial pedophile admits more victims

  • Court Reporter Candice Keller
  • From: AdelaideNow
  • April 06, 2011 2:10PM

A FORMER teacher’s jail term for pedophilia should be extended after two new victims came forward, a court has heard.

The District Court today heard Ronald William Hopkins, 74, deprived the two men of their childhood, adolescence and manhood and caused them to feel depressed, angry and humiliated.

Hopkins had pleaded guilty to two counts of indecent assault and one count each of inciting a child to commit an indecent act and unlawful sexual intercourse by a guardian or teacher.

The offences took place between 1975 and 1991, during which Hopkins sexually abused other boys leading to a minimum seven-year jail term.

Today, Judge Steven Millsteed heard the former Blackfriars Priory School teacher and principal of St Bernadette’s at St Mary’s “groomed” his students with the purpose of sexually exploiting them.

Jane Powell, prosecuting, said the two new victims were said to be new to the school and were targeted as they were “particularly vulnerable”.

Con O’Neill, for Hopkins, said his client – who is serving time at Mount Gambier prison – suffers from ill health including terminal prostate cancer and his body was “about to give up the ghost”.

Mr O’Neill asked Judge Millsteed to consider allowing the defendant to spend his last few years in freedom with his wife and children.

In a statement read to the court, one of Hopkins’victims said he no longer trusted men or authority figures, is fearful and has been affected in his relationships with family members.

“I’m isolated and somewhat alienated from my support networks,” the statement said.

Hopkins will be sentenced at a later date.

Paedophile case hears from more abuse victims

Updated Wed Apr 6, 2011 12:45pm AEST

A paedophile former teacher jailed twice for child sex offences against young boys is facing an extended prison sentence after two more victims made complaints.

Ronald William Hopkins, 75, is serving a lengthy jail term for abusing five boys.

He would have been eligible for parole next year.

The Adelaide District Court has heard sentencing submisisons relating to two more victims, who were sexually abused by Hopkins while at school in the late 1980s.

Hopkins was principal of St Bernadette’s and taught at Blackfriars Priory School between 1975 and 1991.

In statements read to the court, the victims said they felt scared to go to school and felt their lives had been ruined.

Hopkins’ lawyer urged the court to consider the man’s ill-health and give him a chance to get out of prison before he died.

He will be sentenced later.


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