Hulley has pleaded guilty to two counts of using a carriage service to harass and was sentenced to 14 days jail in Darwin Local Court. He threatened the man who exposed him for living with children.



Hulley has been spared jail for failing to comply with lifetime report conditions.

He was charged with not showing up to an annual reporting appointment and for not notifying police of cars he owned.

He is now in a relationship with a woman with 3 children & living in Ludmilla. He uses the nickname Pudgey.



Man sent back to jail for having sex with 13 year old

Posted November 28, 2008 16:27:00

A Palmerston man has been sentenced at least four years jail for having sex with a girl two months after he was released on parole for manslaughter.

32 year old Lee David Hulley has been sent to jail after pleading guilty to having sex with a 13 year old girl in May this year.

The girl was rushed to Royal Darwin Hospital just hours after the incident suffering a genital crushing injury and internal bleeding.

In the Northern Territory Supreme Court, Chief Justice Brian Martin said the incident had taken a significant psychological toll on the child.

He said Hulley was genuinely sorry for his actions, but he had taken advantage of an immature child who was attracted to him.

Hulley was released from Berrimah jail on parole in March this year after serving nearly six years for the manslaughter of 15 month old, Dylan Cowling in 2002.



Baby killer has sex with 13-year-old

EMILY WATKINS   |  November 28th, 2008

CONVICTED baby killer David Lee Hulley pleaded guilty to having sex with a 13-year-old girl in the Supreme Court yesterday.

Hulley, 32, was released from prison on parole in March after his conviction for killing his de facto partner’s 15-month-old son.

The Supreme Court heard yesterday he had sex with a girl he met through the daughter of friends on May 31.

The girl and Hulley sent text messages between each other for about three weeks before the offence.

On Friday, May 30, the girl – who sat in court with her parents – was having a sleepover with two friends when she sent Hulley a text message asking him to pick the girls up from a shopping centre to go “cruising”.

He bought them 12 UDL vodka cans and took them to the city where they drank them.

Hulley took the girls home and left them there, where they kept drinking the drinks he bought them.

He and the victim sent more text messages, with Hulley saying, “stay awake for me girl”, and “you’ve got guts, girl”.

Shortly after 1.30am he picked her up from her friend’s house and they had sex in the back seat of his car.

Hulley took her back to her friend’s house about 4.15am. She started having genital pain, and her parents were called.

She was taken to Royal Darwin Hospital where she was catheterised for acute urinary retention, which the court heard was the result of a “crushing injury from sex”.

The injury was not blamed on Hulley.

In court, Hulley stared at the girl and made gestures towards her.

Hulley was imprisoned in 2002 for manslaughter after killing Dylan Elliott-Cowling by hitting him in the stomach when the baby would not stop crying.

Hulley will be sentenced today.


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