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Former teacher jailed for child pornography

By Sarah Farnsworth

Updated Fri Feb 19, 2010 9:04am AEDT

A former schoolteacher from Melbourne’s Brighton Grammar who photographed young boys for sexual pleasure has been sentenced to four years’ jail.

George Iliakis pleaded guilty in the Victorian County Court to five charges, including owning child pornography and procuring children for sexual activity.

The court heard Iliakis discovered his fetish for young boys when he worked at a summer camp in America.

He then went on to become a teacher.

The court heard the 35-year-old had more than 16,000 images and videos of boys on his computer and had convinced two boys to be tied-up for a video which he put on a child porn website.

Judge Susan Pullen said his behaviour had contributed to the sexual exploitation of children.

He will spend at least two years in jail.

Former teacher George Iliakis jailed for at least two years over child porn offences

  • Elissa Hunt
  • From: Herald Sun
  • February 18, 2010 11:23AM

A FORMER Brighton Grammar teacher will spend at least two years behind bars for handcuffing and gagging children to fuel his twisted fantasies.

George Iliakis, 35, had a decade-long obsession with young boys and kept more than 16,000 child porn images at his marital home.

The Grade 6 teacher swapped sick requests with other online child porn users and sent them videos and photos he had taken himself.

He did not molest any students at the schools where he taught.

County Court Judge Sue Pullen said the 36-year-old may not have abused his own students, but his use of child porn fed the exploitation of children across the globe.

The court heard Iliakis had worked in IT but became a teacher soon after discovering his perversion for semi-naked boys at a summer camp in 1999.

Australian Federal Police arrested him in May last year after learning he had been swapping images of child abuse and pornography with other pedophiles online.

The court heard he recruited boys from the Beaumaris Theatre Group and the Aspendale Lifesaving Club to be in a “movie” about troubled teens.

He tricked them into thinking they were being tied up and abused for the film when they were really players in his own fantasies.

Judge Pullen said some of the videos and images found showed children being tied, gagged, handcuffed to wooden benches, and whipped.

Some were clearly in distress and crying and children as young as 12 months old were depicted being sexually abused.

She said while his prospects for rehabilitation were good, general deterrence was most important.

She jailed Iliakis, of Edithvale, for four years with a minimum of two years.

He had pleaded guilty to five offences including possessing and transmitting child pornography.

Private school rocked by second child porn arrest

  • Steve Butcher
  • May 29, 2009

ONE of Victoria’s  leading private schools has again been rocked by a child pornography scandal, with a second teacher  arrested. He has been accused of photographing bound and gagged young boys.

Federal police allege they found hundreds of photographs taken by year-6 Brighton Grammar teacher George Iliakis of boys aged between about eight and 12, some tied with rope, handcuffed or gagged.

The Melbourne Magistrates Court heard that Iliakis, 34, admitted he had a fetish for boys being tied up as part of a game and that he had photographed between six and seven at his former home.

Federal agent Anthony Jayatilake said Iliakis admitted he had tied up boys and photographed them for sexual gratification until 2006.

Iliakis, who has been suspended, joined Brighton Grammar in January after teaching at Narre Warren South and Woorana Park primary schools.

Former Brighton Grammar teacher John Newton Hewitt was last year sentenced to  18 months in jail, but released on an order to be of good behaviour after he pleaded guilty to child pornography charges.

In a letter last week to parents, Brighton Grammar headmaster Michael Urwin said   Iliakis had been   suspended. He said there was no suggestion Iliakis had behaved inappropriately while on the school’s staff.

“We believe that our policies and practices, including our recruiting, are as strong as they can be,” Mr Urwin told parents.

A  contested bail application ended yesterday with Iliakis being released on strict conditions to try to reduce the risk police said he posed.

Agent Jayatilake said 16,000 images of child pornography found on Iliakis’ home computer included boys with knives held to their throats, with a foot on their throats, and bondage images.

He said  that “some of these individuals” – the boys he photographed – had sent Iliakis child pornography and child abuse material and that another boy, aged 15, had sent him images of sex acts Iliakis had asked him to perform.

He alleged a parent had complained at one primary school about an indecent photo Iliakis had taken, and there were single complaints at a theatre group and a lifesaving club about him asking a boy to sit on his lap and have sleepovers.

Agent Jayatilake agreed with defence lawyer Colin Mandy that Iliakis denied sexually touching children or being naked with them and that his bondage interest was a “kind of fetish I once had”.

In granting bail, magistrate Maurice Gurvich imposed a $50,000 surety and 11 conditions that included a curfew, daily reporting to police and bans on using computers or the internet. Iliakis, of Edithvale, is charged with accessing and possessing child pornography.


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