Mohammad Jawish

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Picture: Norm Oorloff

Cabbie gave rides to girl for sex, court told

  • Kate Jones
  • Herald Sun
  • September 26, 2007 12:00AM

A TAXI driver paid a 13-year-old schoolgirl for sex with free taxi rides and cash, a court heard.

The driver, Mohammad Jawish, 46, believed the girl was a prostitute, despite being told that she was only 13.

Defence counsel Robert Thyssen told the County Court Jawish had offered the girl free taxi trips and cash for sex because he was lonely and taxi driving was “a tough job”.

When arrested, Jawish denied having sex with the girl but DNA evidence caught him out.

Prosecutor Dr Ian Freckelton told the court Jawish, of Reservoir, met the girl in 2003 when he picked her up as a passenger.

He said the Syrian refugee took her shopping for clothes and gave her at least two free cab rides a week.

The court heard the girl told Jawish she was 17, but her older sister told him she was 13.

Despite being told of her real age, Jawish had sex with the girl more than 10 times in 2003 and 2004, the court heard.

The girl reported Jawish to police after he had repeatedly called her on her mobile phone and told her he loved her one night in April 2004.

Jawish has pleaded guilty to two counts of causing a child to take part in an act of prostitution.

Mr Thyssen said his client had five children and a wife in his home country of Syria, but was forced to leave in 2001 because of his political beliefs.

Jawish, who now has two children to a partner he met in Australia, was depressed and extremely anxious about the charges against him, and regretted what had happened.

Judge Jane Campton received a report from Jawish’s psychiatrist that stated he had a low risk of reoffending.

But the judge ordered a new report because the psychiatrist was unaware of the full extent of Jawish’s history.

Judge Campton will sentence Jawish in November.


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