Valentine’s Day child rapist wins sentence reduction

By court reporter Jamelle Wells

Updated Tue Apr 16, 2013 1:19pm AEST

A New South Wales man who kidnapped and raped a six-year-old girl on Valentine’s Day three years ago has won an appeal against his jail sentence.

Adam Gilbert Jolly was jailed for up to 23 years for kidnapping the girl outside her home in Wagga Wagga, in southern New South Wales.

He pleaded guilty to charges that include detaining for advantage and aggravated sexual intercourse with a child under the age of 10.

The court heard Jolly raped the girl then dropped her back near the house, saying “you can walk from here”.

The district court judge who sentenced him described his crimes as “horrific” and “unspeakable acts” and said the girl would have experienced unimaginable fear and terror.

She said the girl had been robbed of her childhood and is too scared to go to sleep.

The judge said Jolly was 27 when he committed the offences, which could have been revenge for being rejected by a woman on a previous Valentine’s Day.

But in the New South Wales Court of Criminal Appeal today, a three-judge panel quashed the sentence, finding it excessive.

His maximum sentence has been reduced to 18 years and nine months.

Jolly will now be eligible for parole in December 2023.

Valentine’s Day child rapist appeals sentence


Oct. 19, 2012, midnight

NOTORIOUS Valentine’s Day kidnapper and child rapist Adam Gilbert Jolly has lodged an appeal against the 23-year jail sentence he was given in April, arguing it is too severe.

The Albury man, 29, was sentenced in Wagga District Court on April 2 by Judge Jennifer English for his attack on a six-year-old girl in Wagga on February 14, 2010.

He had pleaded guilty to five offences, including sexual intercourse with a child under 10, attempted sexual intercourse with a child under 10 and indecent assault.

Jolly was sentenced to 23 years in prison but, with time served since his arrest six months after the atrocities, he will be eligible for parole on May 24, 2026 — still more than 13 years away.

Jolly signalled an intention to appeal earlier this year and had until mid-October to lodge the paperwork.

A public information officer with the Supreme Court of NSW said this week the appeal was lodged on October 5.

The appeal will be heard by the Court of Criminal Appeal to be set following a callover listed for October 25.

The full grounds of the application will not be made public until the appeal is heard.

Wagga child rapist jailed until 2026

02 Apr, 2012 05:30 PM

ADAM Gilbert Jolly will be behind bars for at least 14 more years after being sentenced in Wagga District Court late this afternoon for his kidnapping of and sex attacks on a six-year-old girl on Valentine’s Day two years ago.

In passing sentence, Judge Jennifer English desribed some of Jolly’s offences as unspeakable acts that had been committed for Jolly’s sexual gratification or revenge against females for previous unsuccessful relationships.

She said the victim had been robbed of her childhood.

Judge English read from parts of a victim impact statement from the youngster’s mum, who told of seeing her daughter’s face in the back window of Jolly’s ute as he drove off with the child and thinking “My God, will I ever see her again.”

After being sentenced, Jolly, sniffing and shaking, was led down a flight of steps from the court room to the cells below as his unconsolable mother cried repeatedly “no, no, no”.

Wagga police crime manager, Detective Inspector Rod Smith thanked the community for helping solve the horrific crime and praised the work of police officers involved in the investigation, including the officer in charge, Detective Sergeant Michael Handley.

Valentine’s Day kidnapper convicted

27 Aug, 2011 10:29 AM

CHILD sex offender Adam Gilbert Jolly trembled and wept in the dock yesterday as he pleaded guilty to abducting and assaulting a little Wagga girl.

The 29-year-old, of North Albury, was arraigned in Wagga District Court on five charges and convicted after he lodged his pleas with Judge Stephen Norrish.

Jolly earlier this year admitted his guilt in Wagga Local Court and was committed for sentence in the District Court.

The sentencing was yesterday adjourned part-heard to the October sittings of Wagga District Court after Jolly’s barrister, John Weir, told Judge Norrish that a psychological report on his client would not be ready for six to eight weeks.

Jolly snatched a six-year-old girl off the street in front of her home, driving her away, sexually assaulting her and taking her back near her home on February 14 last year.

Wagga was gripped with fear after the attack, which sparked a massive police hunt that ended with Jolly’s arrest in Albury on August 25 last year.

The court heard yesterday that Jolly had been harassed while at Junee Correctional Centre over the past two weeks as he waited for his case to be heard, including prisoners urinating in his cell while he was at court.

Jolly has pleaded guilty to two counts of indecent assault of a person under 16 and single counts of sexual intercourse with a person under 10 (depriving liberty), take and detain a person with intent to obtain an advantage (sexual gratification) and attempting sexual intercourse with a person under 10.

“Do you continue your pleas of guilty to that charge?”

Judge Norrish asked Jolly after each charge was read to him.

“Yes, Your Honour,” Jolly replied each time.

Members of the young girl’s family were in the court room as Corrective Services officers led Jolly up from the cells into the dock.

Judge Norrish immediately noticed something was wrong with Jolly.

“You seem to be shaking, what is your difficulty at the moment?” the judge asked Jolly.

Jolly did not reply.

Mr Weir asked Judge Norrish if he could speak with his client for a moment.

After a brief conversation, Jolly sat down and the arraignment began.

Max Pincott for the Crown handed up to Judge Norrish the agreed facts of the case, Jolly’s criminal history and a victim’s impact statement written by the youngster’s mother.

Mr Pincott said the statement would not be read aloud in court.

He made a successful application for the case to remain in Wagga.

“The main reason is that the (victim’s) family is here,” Mr Pincott said.

Judge Norrish raised the issue of Jolly’s safety.

“I was told last time he came to court he had some problems and he came into court trembling, I don’t know what the situation is,” Judge Norrish said.

Mr Weir said Jolly was concerned that he might be kept at Junee until October.

Judge Norrish said he had no control over where Jolly would be kept, but he made a recommendation that at the first opportunity Jolly be transferred to the Metropolitan Remand and Reception Centre at Silverwater in Sydney and that all necessary steps be taken to ensure his safety and security.

Judge Norrish also told the court he had wanted to get the sentencing process under way this sittings of Wagga District Court, even without the medical report being ready, because the offence happened 18 months ago and Jolly was arrested a year ago.

“Justice delayed is justice denied for everybody,” Judge Norrish said.

He said the longer the delays in finalising the case the worse the ordeal was for the family of the victim.

“The truth is, people wish to have things to be completed sooner rather than later and they can move on with their lives,” the judge said.

North Albury man admits sex attack

07 Jul, 2011 02:42 PM

A NORTH Albury man has pleaded guilty to kidnapping and sexually assaulting a six-year-old Wagga girl on Valentine’s Day last year.

Adam Gilbert Jolly admitted to the crimes in Wagga Local Court yesterday, with details of the horrific offences being given to the magistrate Geoff Hiatt.

He was told Jolly had abducted the girl on February 14 last year and then drove her to bushland where he undressed her before the sexual assault.

Jolly then dressed the girl and took her to a nearby street and said “you can walk from here”.

He pleaded guilty to attempting sexual intercourse with a person under 10, indecent assault of a person under 16 and sexual intercourse with a person under 10 as well as two new charges.

The two fresh charges were take with intent to obtain advantage and indecent assault.

Originally Jolly was to face seven charges, but four of those were dropped yesterday before being replaced by the two fresh charges following negotiations between his lawyer John Weir and the Department of Public Prosecutions.

The court was also told yesterday Jolly had worked for Albury brothel Centrefolds at 727 Drome Street.

He drove a car belonging to the brothel as part of his duties and that vehicle had been examined by police investigating the child’s kidnapping.

Jolly’s appearance in court yesterday via videolink from the Silverwater jail in Sydney was marred by technical problems with only his voice able to be heard.

New charges could mean life in prison

17 Feb, 2011 01:00 AM

THE man accused of kidnapping a six-year-old girl on Valentine’s Day in 2010 faces life in prison if he is convicted of new charges laid last month.

Three charges of sexual intercourse with a child under 10 were laid against Adam Gilbert Jolly on January 13 and carry a maximum term of 25 years.

Jolly appeared in Wagga Local Court yesterday but due to the recent charges the case was adjourned for a second case conference where negotiation between prosecution and defence representatives are expected to take place.

A psychological assessment is also expected to be prepared before the next appearance with defence solicitors flagging a possible fitness hearing if the case is transferred to the district court.

Defence solicitor Zac Tankard informed the court that senior counsel, based in Sydney, had been briefed on the matter and was ready to proceed when the matter reached the next level.

The 28-year-old appeared via audio-visual link and was quite emotional throughout the appearance.

The new charges were laid after the young girl was re-interviewed and for the first time gave a full account of the time she was allegedly taken before being returned to her home.

The maximum penalties for the other charges including indecent assault of a person under 16 range from six to 10 years.

Bail was not applied for and Jolly will appear in person on the next occasion which caused a stir amongst family members of the victim who were present in court yesterday.

Magistrate Tony Murray adjourned the case to April 13 for a committal for either sentence or trial.

Sex, kidnap charges laid

25 Aug, 2010 04:05 PM

A MAN arrested in North Albury this morning over the abduction of a 6-year-old girl has been charged with kidnapping and sexual assault offences.

Adam Gilbert Jolly, 28, faced Albury Court this afternoon and was remanded in custody after declining to make a bail application.

He was taken into custody shortly after 8am after being arrested at a Wingara Street home.

Following an interview at Albury police station, Jolly was charged with five offences.

They include the following:

Sexual intercourse with a person under 10 in circumstances of aggravation;

Assault with intent to have sexual intercourse with a person under the age of 10 in circumstances of aggravation;

Kidnapping and inflict actual bodily harm;

Aggravated indecent assault on a person under the age of 16;

Possession of prohibited weapon.

The man is due to appear in Albury Court this afternoon.

The girl was abducted in the suburb of Mount Austin and put in the back of a dual cab utility.

Her mother chased the vehicle after hearing screams but lost sight of it.

About 80 minutes later the girl was dropped off her near her home.

A week after the abduction police said they were following up leads which could take them to other parts of NSW and interstate.


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  1. Kew says:

    Why is this criminal’s face being obscured?
    I am saddened and astonished at how this selfish, despicable criminal is being protected and babied; while the poor little girl and her family must live with the consequences of Jolly’s actions – there is no “manifestly unjust” qualifier to limit their suffering. The little victim will re-experience this and have to deal with it, in some sense, for the rest of her life.
    Not only is her family suffering; but so is Jolly’s (apparently).
    Does someone commit a crime like this as a first offence ? I doubt it.

  2. Kew says:

    Btw Thanks for the site Robbo. Without it, there doesn’t seem to be any other forum where anyone can express their opinions and support for victims.

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