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Barry Loader

Posted: December 30, 2012 by Serendipity in Queensland, Victoria
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Teen sex filming puts man in prison


17 Sep, 2010 09:17 PM

A BENDIGO man who plied teenagers with drugs and alcohol and then filmed them having sex has been sentenced to six years in prison.

Barry Loader, 45, also had sex with one of the teenagers.

He was sentenced in the Geelong County Court this week.

Police say Loader befriended several male and female teenagers and in November 2008 invited them to visit his Long Gully home.

He supplied the teenagers with copious quantities of alcohol and cannabis, then filmed them having sex.

Police said Loader stored the videos on his mobile phone for personal use.

Loader also sexually assaulted one of the teenagers a number of times. She was 15.

Police arrested Loader in January last year after one of his victims made a complaint.

His mobile phone was seized and the pornographic videos were found.

Loader pleaded guilty to various child-sex charges, including three counts of making child pornography, one count of possessing child pornography and four counts of sexual penetration of a child under 16.

He was sentenced to six years in prison and must serve a minimum period of three years and six months.

Because of time already spent in custody, Loader will be eligible for parole in two-and-a-half years.

Geelong court denies bail for accused child porn producer

Jessica Craven

January 9th, 2010

A MAN facing 20 child sex charges including making child pornography has been denied bail over fears he will skip the state.

Barry Loader, of no fixed address, appeared at the Geelong Magistrates’ Court yesterday charged with sexual penetration of a child under 16, indecent assault against a child under 16 and making, possessing and producing child pornography.

The court heard Mr Loader had twice failed to appear to answer the charges.

He was taken into custody after a warrant was executed on his mother’s Newcomb home when he returned from Queensland, where he was living, to pick up a car.

Mr Loader, who was wearing jeans, thongs and a denim shirt, appeared for himself and said he wanted to be bailed to arrange legal representation.

Prosecutor Clare Murphy said Mr Loader was an unacceptable flight risk and police were concerned he would commit further offences while on bail.

“He indicated to the bail justice he would be returning to Queensland if he got bail,” she said.

Magistrate Michael Coghlan said Mr Loader had breached several court orders.

“These are serious sexual offence charges and they have already been delayed a year,” he said.

“I believe you are an unacceptable risk of failing to answer bail.”

Mr Loader was remanded to appear at the Bendigo Magistrates’ Court on February 3.


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Paedophile could walk

A CONVICTED paedophile who was arrested for possessing child porn has had the charge dropped and could walk soon, after a judge found police seized his laptop illegally.

Raymond Keith Lloyd, 61, was being investigated for breaching his reporting conditions when police discovered he also had more than 200 exploitation images.

Lloyd’s partner, who didn’t know about his history, gave his laptop to police voluntarily when they discovered the images.

Barrister Tony Collins argued Lloyd’s laptop, containing the images, was inadmissable evidence, because police didn’t get a post-search approval order to search his client’s home.

Lloyd has a long history of sex offences, including being caught viewing child exploitation material in 2009 during a police raid.

This week, Judge Stuart Durward SC ruled the evidence of the laptop was inadmissable, forcing the Crown to drop the charge of possessing child exploitation material against Lloyd. Judge Durward SC has not handed down his reasons for the ruling.

Lloyd’s history of child sex offences started in 1994, when he was jailed for five years for seven counts of indecent dealing with a child under 12 years, as well as wilful exposure and attempted carnal knowledge.

He offended again and was convicted in December 2001 for indecent treatment of a child, and was jailed for two years and three months.

In May 2010 he was back before the court for 11 counts of possessing child exploitation material, and was given three years with immediate parole.

In the newest alleged offending, Lloyd was being investigated for living with a 14-year-old child despite his restrictions, when he was discovered with child porn again.

Lloyd’s charge of breaching reporting conditions was adjourned to June 12.

Bravehearts founder Hettie Johnson urged Attorney General Jarrod Bleijie to appeal against the decision.

“The real issue here is about protecting children,” she said.

“It’s about making sure that people who pose a danger to children are dealt with appropriately. The judges need to focus on that.”

Raymond Keith Lloyd, 58, walks free from court after failing to report to authorities his whereabouts

  • Alison Sandy
  • From: The Courier-Mail
  • June 08, 2011 12:00AM

ANOTHER convicted pedophile has walked free from court after failing to tell authorities where he was, as the State Government prepares to roll out new technology to track the movements of “high-risk” offenders.

Premier Anna Bligh this week announced dangerous sex offenders would be fitted with GPS devices after more than 6000 people signed The Courier-Mail’s petition supporting the initiative.

The proposal was also backed by sporting, business and entertainment celebrities, and the state’s major news personalities.

Raymond Keith Lloyd, 58, was recently found in breach of parole conditions by failing to report as per child protection guidelines, but it was revealed in the Townsville District Court this week that he hadn’t been told.

The court was told Lloyd was on a suspended sentence after earlier this year successfully appealing against a three-year jail term for 11 counts of possession of child exploitation material, involving videos of sex acts on children as young as two, the Townsville Bulletin reported.

Previously, Lloyd had been jailed for child sex offences including attempted carnal knowledge, indecent dealing with children under 12 and exposing a child to indecent acts.

There are 114 sex offenders listed under the Dangerous Prisoners (Sexual Offenders) Act 2003 (DPSOA), of which 70 living in the community would be fitted with GPS devices, according to the State Government.

A Justice Department spokesman said under DPSOA, the Attorney-General could apply to the Supreme Court for an order to keep a prisoner in jail, or have them released under strict supervision.

“A serious sexual offence is an offence of a sexual nature involving violence or committed against a child. Therefore, all prisoners for child sex offending fall within the ambit of DPSOA,” he said.

“Upon application, the court must be satisfied that the prisoner is a serious danger to the community.

“A prisoner is a serious danger to the community if there is an unacceptable risk that the prisoner will commit a serious sexual offence if released from detention or if released without a supervision order being made.”

Another 3780 Queensland sex offenders are on the Australian National Child Offender Register.

Queensland Party police and corrections spokesman Darren Hunt said the justice system needed to be tougher.

“The decision in Townsville to release without penalty a serial child sex offender who failed to comply with his order is a disgrace,” he said.

“What is the point of having these orders if the judiciary is too weak to enforce them? It’s a green light for sex offenders released from custody to do as they please.”

Sexual criminal allowed to walk

NATHAN PAULL  |  June 7th, 2011

A CONVICTED paedophile who failed to tell police where he was as part of his reporting conditions was allowed to walk free from Townsville District Court this week.

Judge John Baulch convicted Raymond Keith Lloyd, 58, of breaching his suspended sentence by failing to report as per child protection guidelines, but did not punish him further because “it would be unjust”.

A State Government oversight also meant Lloyd was discharged for breaching parole conditions after it was discovered he was never officially told of the conditions to begin with.

Lloyd’s court appearance came amid a push for convicted paedophiles to be fitted with GPS tracking devices so authorities always knew their whereabouts.

Townsville District Court heard Lloyd was originally sentenced to three years imprisonment on May 18, 2010 on 11 counts of possession of child exploitation material, after a police raid on his home in 2009 found 609 videos depicting sexual acts on children as young as two.

However, after contesting the sentence, the Court of Appeal released Lloyd in February this year on two years’ probation.

He had previously been given jail terms in 1994 and 2001 for crimes against children, including attempted carnal knowledge, indecent dealing with children under 12 and exposing a child to indecent acts.

Crown prosecutor Kelly Stone said Lloyd failed to report to a corrective services office immediately after being released earlier this year, as he was required to do. However, after defence barrister Wayne Pennell told Judge Baulch his client was verbally told he had to report but had never received any official paperwork telling him to report as was required, the judge dismissed him of the charge.

Mr Stone said Lloyd had also breached his suspended sentence by failing to report to a police station as a convicted paedophile as required by child protection obligations and should be returned to prison to serve at least some of the time left on his suspended sentence.

However, Mr Pennell said it would be “unjust” to send his client back to prison as he was currently caring for a wheelchair-bound woman and his breach was technical and not an actual crime against children. Judge Baulch said Lloyd’s failure to report came to light when he changed his address when he registered his car, suggesting he was not trying to hide.

Paedophile wins appeal case

LIAM BUTTERWORTH  |  February 16th, 2011

A CONVICTED Townsville paedophile has been released on two years’ probation following a Queensland Court of Appeal review of his case.

Keith Raymond Lloyd was caught viewing child exploitation material on his computer when police raided his Pimlico home in July, 2009.

He pleaded guilty to 11 charges of possessing the illegal material and, on May 18 last year, was sentenced to three years’ jail for each offence.

The jail terms were to be served concurrently, and Lloyd was eligible for parole on July 16 of the same year, as he had already served 10 months in pre-sentence custody.

The material found at Lloyd’s home included 609 videos depicting sexual acts on children as young as

Lloyd appealed against his sentence, saying the three-year jail term for each charge was excessive and there was never any chance he would be released on parole by July 16.

He was in prison for 19 months, about six months beyond his parole eligibility date, and was not able to enrol in a program to rehabilitate him, as such programs cannot be entered into while prisoners are on remand.

Such courses can take longer than six months to complete.

The-three member appeal panel of Chief Justice Paul de Jersey and Justices Richard Chesterman and Margaret White, found that it would be appropriate to put Lloyd on probation for two years so he could undergo courses to help rehabilitate him.

Mr Chesterman said by serving the majority of his sentence, and continuing to wait in prison for the course, the court would not have taken into account Lloyd’s pleas of guilty.

He said Lloyd, and society, would benefit from professional supervision to help him with his predilection for mistreating, or watching the mistreatment, of children. But the appeal court justices overturned the application that his sentence was excessive.

Mr Chesterman backed sentencing Judge Stuart Durward’s comments that Lloyd did not appear to regard the videos as abhorrent and was a recidivist offender.

He said the videos contained acts that were “repulsive and repugnant to any ordinary human sensitivity”.

Lloyd was jailed twice for child sex charges in 1994 and 2001.

The Court of Appeal justices ordered that Lloyd’s three-year sentence for the first 10 charges be suspended for three years, and set aside the sentence for the final charge in place of two years’ probation. He will be required to undergo a course to address his behaviour.

Upon his release, Lloyd is required to register with the police and inform them of his whereabouts once a week for the next 10 years.

Windale PCYC volunteer raped boys: court

06 Oct, 2011 04:00 AM

A FORMER Windale PCYC volunteer pleaded guilty yesterday to raping and sexually abusing two boys in the late 1980s.

Brian William Lloyd, 45, was known as Bunsen when he volunteered at the PCYC in the late 1980s, a statement of facts said.

He sexually abused two boys a number of times before they left the organisation, which was established to provide social and sporting opportunities for young people.

One of the victims was raped numerous times in toilet blocks at Windale, Valentine and at the PCYC.

The other victim was woken on at least two occasions to find Lloyd performing sex acts on him.

Lloyd, now of the Brisbane suburb of Waterford West, pleaded guilty in Newcastle District Court to five counts of having sexual intercourse with boys aged 12 or 13.

He will be sentenced in January.

Lloyd had a number of minor offences on his criminal record such as break enter and steal, trespassing and supplying drugs that dated to the 1980s, court documents stated.

He was in his early 20s when he befriended the victims, who attended the PCYC regularly, the statement of facts said.

One of the victims was sexually assaulted during sleepovers at the club while other children were present.

The other victim was often raped during fishing and camping trips.

One of the victims complained to police in 2007 while the other came forward in 2009.

Lloyd was charged in Queensland in November last year.

He was granted bail to continue living in Brisbane until his sentencing hearing.


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Richard John Llewellyn

Posted: December 30, 2012 by Serendipity in A.C.T
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Ex-music teacher jailed for child porn

December 3, 2008

Julian Drape

A former Canberra music teacher who downloaded thousands of child porn images, including pictures of children engaged in sex acts with animals, will spend three months in full-time custody.

Police raided the home of Richard John Llewellyn, 58, earlier this year and found 17,000 images and video files depicting child pornography and child abuse.

His arrest was part of a worldwide investigation into child pornography.

The married father of two pleaded guilty in April to using the internet to view child porn and possessing child porn.

In sentencing Llewellyn in the ACT Supreme Court on Wednesday, Justice Hilary Penfold said the seized material included “the most disturbing kinds of images”.

“(There were) children bound, gagged and threatened while being subjected to sexual acts, children engaging in sexual acts with animals, and images of children as young as four months,” Justice Penfold said.

“Even accepting that many of the images occur more than once in the material, it is hard to see how there could have been fewer than hundreds of children involved.”

The court heard Llewelyn developed an interest in child porn after he found out his own children had been molested by his father.

He soon became obsessed with the internet and accessed the material every night for sexual gratification.

His obsession became so extreme he suffered deep vein thrombosis because of the time spent on the computer.

Justice Penfold said to his credit Llewellyn had fully cooperated with the police investigation and expressed continuing remorse for his actions.

Indeed, his psychiatrist told the court the 58-year-old was “deeply distressed, ashamed and, not surprisingly, now plagued with suicidal intention”.

Llewellyn was sentenced to three months full-time custody, with a further five months to be served by way of periodic detention.

Another 12 months was suspended subject to a two-year good behaviour order.


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Ballarat man jailed over child porn

17 Mar, 2010 11:38 PM

A BALLARAT man claimed to have had one of Australia’s largest volume of child pornography material in his possession has been jailed.

More than 900,000 items of child pornography was found in Stacy Livitsanis’ possession after customs officials raided his home on July 3.

The 30-year-old was yesterday sentenced to three years and nine months’ jail with a minimum of two years and three months.

He was registered a sex offender for life.

County Court Judge Joe Gullaci told Livitsanis, who had few friends and led an isolated life, that he derived sexual gratification from his offending.

Among Livitsanis’ child pornography material were photographic images, video files, text files and DVDs.

He had also written a number of child pornography stories, which he saved on his computer. The stories were published on a website and available for public viewing.

Livitsanis had used email to send child pornography material with a number of these sent to a man in Brazil, who he told “I don’t want to sound so eager, but I would love it if you could send as many images as possible…”.

He used websites to access child pornography material and made it available to other users.

Livitsanis was initially charged with two offences on July 3, but during another interview on September 15, he admitted he had bought a new laptop computer which contained child pornography stories.

The prosecution had said Livitsanis contributed to the ongoing exploitation of young females and to the movement of child pornography across the world.

The prosecution believed he had the largest volume of child pornography material in his possession in the country.

In sentencing, Judge Gullaci took into account Livitsanis’ early guilty plea, clean criminal history and his expression of remorse and shame.

Livitsanis pleaded guilty to eight child pornography-related charges, including importing child pornography, making child pornography and using a carriage or service to publish child pornography.

COURT: child porn accused facing jail

26 Feb, 2010 11:19 PM

A BALLARAT man claimed to have had Australia’s largest volume of child pornography material in his possession is facing jail.

More than 900,000 items of child pornography was found in Stacy Livitsanis’ possession after customs officials raided his home on July 3.

They seized a laptop computer, three portable hard drives and a collection of CDs, DVDs, books and magazines from his house.

Livitsanis was charged with two offences after an interview on July 3, but during another interview on September 15, he advised officials that he had bought a new laptop, which contained a number of child pornography stories.

He pleaded guilty in December to eight child pornography-related charges, including importing child pornography, making child pornography and using a carriage or service to publish child pornography.

Crown prosecutor Natasha Vicary yesterday told a plea hearing in the County Court at Ballarat that Livitsanis had an obsession with child pornography.

She said he traded material to other people, wrote and published his own stories on the internet, received child pornography material through subscriptions and categorised the material on his computer.

“He has contributed to the on-going production of exploitation of these young girls,” Ms Vicary said.

“All the images he downloaded were available to other users. There is no way to ascertain the amount he contributed to the movement of child pornography across the world.”

She said the volume of child pornography material found in Livitsanis’ possession was one of the largest in Australia.

The prosecution submitted that Livitsanis should be sentenced to three to five years’ jail for the head sentence, with one to three years to be served.

But defence barrister Tony Lavery urged for a non-immediate custodial sentence, submitting that his client had no prior criminal history and he had good prospects of rehabilitating.

Judge Joe Gullaci adjourned the hearing until March 17.

He remanded Livistanis in custody until then.

Ballarat man admits child pornography charges

10 Dec, 2009 12:30 AM

A BALLARAT man at the centre of a customs raid earlier this year had more than 900,000 items of child pornography in his possession, a court has been told.

Customs officials searched Stacy Livitsanis’ home on July 3 after discovering more than 40 pornographic DVDs addressed to the 30-year-old from the USA.

They seized a laptop computer, three portable hard drives, and hundreds of DVDs, books and magazines from his house.

Forensic examination of the computer equipment showed it contained more than 490,000 photos, videos and text files depicting child pornography.

A further 440,000 explicit images and videos were identified in the other material seized.

Livitsanis had also written a number of child pornography stories, which he saved on his computer in a folder titled “Lesbian Lolita”.

The stories were published on a website and available for public viewing from September 3, two months after his initial arrest.

In a brief of evidence tendered to Ballarat Magistrates Court, Livitsanis admitted sending and receiving child pornography from overseas over a “period of time”, as well as writing and uploading pornographic stories to the internet.

He told Australian Federal Police members he continued to download stories from the internet – at times from a Ballarat internet cafe – after the customs raid, stating “it was just in a moment, like, sort of panic, sort of trying

to get back to something familiar that had been taken”.

During an interview with customs officers, Livitsanis said he liked to watch the DVDs because “the girls appear to be having fun” and he found them “cute and pretty”.

He agreed that most people would consider the children in the footage to be engaged in sexual poses, but said he did not see it that way.

Livitsanis yesterday pleaded guilty to eight child pornography-related charges, including importing child pornography, making child pornography and using a carriage or service to publish child pornography.

He was remanded on bail to appear at the Melbourne County Court for a directions hearing on December 15.

As part of his bail conditions, Livitsanis must not access the internet or visit internet cafes.


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Richard Ivan Noel Kite

Posted: December 30, 2012 by Serendipity in NSW, Photo

richard kite a

Richard Ivan Noel Kite pleaded guilty to two counts of sexual
intercourse with person under the age of ten years in the Local Court.
He was sentenced in the District Court in Sydney in February, 2008 to
eight years and ten months. Kite appealed his sentence & it was
reduced to 4 years & 6 months. Originally from New Zealand.

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$4000 fine for child porn charge

By Clare Hayes

July 4, 2006, 1 p.m.

A DUNBOGAN man has received a 12-month suspended sentence and more than $4000 in fines for possessing child pornography.

Michael James Paul Little, 52, appeared in Port Macquarie Local Court for sentencing on Monday.

He had already pleaded guilty and been convicted of possessing two downloaded videos and a number of pornographic stories.

The video images depicted children under the age of 16 engaging in sexual activities; the text files described children under the age of 16 engaging in sexual acts.

A memory stick with the downloaded information was found at Little’s workplace and handed to police.

In sentencing, magistrate Wayne Evans took into consideration Little’s otherwise clean record, health issues and his age.

But, Mr Evans said, the information was used for self-gratification and where children were depicted “there were victims”.

The fines were intended as a deterrent against the child pornography market and, Mr Evans said, defenceless children, overseas and locally, needed to be protected.

Little lost his job after the information was discovered. His lawyer said Little was depressed and ashamed of the conviction.

Dunbogan man on porn charge

March 7, 2006, 9:37 p.m.

A MARRIED man who has admitted to possessing child pornography will be sentenced in Port Macquarie Local Court at the end of the month.

Michael James Paul Little, 51, a small business manager of Dunbogan, was convicted on Monday of one count of possessing child pornography.

According to police facts tendered in court, a computer memory stick was found by an office cleaner in the stairwell of a Wauchope business at 5.15pm on January 27.

The business’ executive manager plugged the memory stick into a computer in an attempt to locate the owner and discovered it contained Little’s work files and child pornography.

Two video files on the memory stick depicted people under the age of 16 years engaging in sexual activities, while text files described people under 16 years engaging in sexual acts.

The memory stick was secured and handed in to police.

On February 6, two detectives examined the material and confirmed it contained child pornography as well as work files.

Two days later police visited Little at work and questioned him about the memory stick contents.

He declined to be interviewed by police.

Solicitor Steve Wright said Little pleaded guilty to the offence. He will be sentenced on March 27.


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