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Prison wedding for child rapist Neville Jones

  • Liam Houlihan
  • Sunday Herald Sun
  • August 31, 2008 12:00AM

A CHILD rapist described by his sentencing judge as the lowest of the low has been allowed a wedding inside a Victorian jail.

And taxpayers have paid for it.

Neville Jones was sentenced to a maximum seven years for multiple rapes against a pre-teen child, who he also forced to view pornography.

But the serial sex offender was allowed a ceremony and celebration in Ararat Prison.

The approval for the pedophile’s wedding overruled a decision by an Ararat jail boss to reject it. And the taxpayer-funded event included:

A BUFFET of sandwiches and coffee.

USE of the jail’s visitor centre.

A PRISON chaplain to perform the service.

SPECIAL security details.

A PROGRAM co-ordinator.

“What they did for us in there was pretty outstanding — the trouble they went to,” bride Bev Jones said.

Wardens who had booked the visitor centre for a meeting were kicked out, she said.

The wedding was initially rejected by the prison’s acting boss last August.

“He thought he (Jones) might be a risk to me,” Ms Jones said. But after gaining legal assistance, Ms Jones was granted permission in June.

The wedding – on the first day of the Olympics – was criticised by the mother of Neville Jones’s victim.

The woman, who cannot be named, said she and her daughter were still struggling to cope, adding: “He should do his time first. I think they should have thought a bit more about what they were doing.”

Corrections Victoria defended its decision.

“There were a number of investigations made to ensure the bride or any other family members, including children were not at risk,” a spokeswoman said.

The only extra cost to the jail was $10 for coffee, sandwiches and fruit, she said.


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