Paul Rowan Jonkers

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Jonkers – Paul Rowan - Photo

Intensive action for porn downloads

rae wilson | 9th March 2012

A PROLIFIC pornography downloader must serve 12 months “jail in the community” after he was found with images and videos of children aged six months to 15 years within his haul.

Paul Rowan Jonkers, 27, had 36 videos and 752 images of child pornography on his computer when police searched his home on September 14, 2007.

He pleaded guilty in Maroochydore District Court and was sentenced to a 12-month intensive-correction order, which is also known as “jail in the community”.

Police said he would download large amounts of pornography and sort the material into directories on his computers.

Jonkers would categorise images and photos based on sexual acts.

His porn collection, some 18,000 images and 300-odd videos, included a comparatively small quantity of child pornography material which he did not destroy after downloading from peer-to-peer sharing website Limewire.

The exploitation material involved a mixture of female and male children, with files range from five to 128 megabytes.

The videos lasted between 20 seconds and 25 minutes.

About 280 images and 25 videos involved children in penetrative sexual activity with adults and other children. A large number also involved non-penetrative sexual activity.

Jonkers also possessed images and videos of animated child pornography.

During sentencing Judge Gary Long noted Jonkers had suffered from Aspergers syndrome from a young age and would find prison much harder than other people.

He also noted Jonkers, who had not accessed the child pornography for about seven months before police seized his computer, was only 23 at the time of offences and had not reoffended significantly since.

Man claims child porn was accident

  • Rae Wilson
  • 23rd Apr 2009 12:54 PM


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