Raymond Kenneth Jones

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 Picture: Norm Oorloff



Pervert was on same highway

  • Keith Moor
  • Herald Sun
  • September 15, 2010 12:00AM

LEADING forensic psychiatrist Alan Bartholomew warned in 1975 that paedophile Raymond Kenneth Jones had a problem with boys and the propensity to murder.

Dr Bartholomew twice interviewed Jones in prison after Jones was charged with indecently assaulting a young boy in a Ballarat toilet block.

Jones admitted to Dr Bartholomew he had been having inappropriate sexual urges “on and off ” during the previous eight years, “mainly when pushed aside by girls and things like that”.

Dr Bartholomew said Jones had threatened his young male victim by saying “keep quiet or I’ll hit you”.

“It is impossible to guess what might have happened if the boy had made a noise,” Dr Bartholomew’s report on Jones said.

“But a more serious assault could have occurred, and possibly murder.

“This is a real possibility as the prisoner claims that his nerves are bad and that he loses control.

“The fact must remain that the prisoner is potentially dangerous and likely to remain so for some time.”

Dr Bartholomew provided his report on Jones to a County Court judge exactly a month after Terry Floyd, 12, disappeared while on his way home to Maryborough from nearby Avoca.

Jones was out on bail when Terry disappeared on June 28, 1975.

Jones was later convicted of indecently assaulting the boy in the Ballarat toilet block and was jailed for two years.

While Jones was one of many men interviewed soon after Terry disappeared, he was initially not considered a serious suspect.

That was largely because police and Maryborough locals were convinced another convicted paedophile, Francis Robert Drake, the son of the Maryborough mayor at the time, had abducted, sexually assaulted and killed Terry.

It wasn’t until homicide squad detective Ron Iddles reinvestigated Terry’s disappearance, while preparing for Terry’s 2001 inquest, that Drake, who died in 1991, was eliminated as a suspect and Jones firmed up.

Jones drove a fawn Holden panel van at the time Terry disappeared and has admitted being on the Pyrenees Highway, travelling from Avoca to Maryborough, at the time.

Three witnesses have told police they saw a vehicle similar to Jones’s panel van near the hitchhiking boy.

Jones, 58, recently told the Herald Sun he had nothing to do with the disappearance.


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  1. Scot Cahill says:

    He not related to the infamous Mr Baldy Brian Keith Jones is he?? sick fucker looks a lil like him

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