Ex-cop’s kid porn penalty

24th Sep 2004 7:00 AM

By NATALIE SMITH ? A FORMER police officer caught with pictures of children under six in sexually provocative poses evaded a jail term when he pleaded guilty in Yeppoon Magistrate Court yesterday.

Michael Peter Kanowski, 46, of Mulara, 10km west of Yeppoon, had argued the child pornography was for research purposes.

He had been caught with 510 objectionable images on CDs and 40 movie images.

Eight of the images depected children under age six. Kanowski was charged in June as a result of information from Britain’s High Tech Crime Unit being passed on to the Queensland Police Service through the Australian High Tech Crime Centre.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Brian Smith said Kanowski, a married father of three and former police sergeant, had claimed he had retained the images to research the subject for his own knowledge and for lectures.

“He said he was a member of a club called Pre-Teen Protection who searched the Web and reported on websites,” Sergeant Smith said.

In his defence the court heard Kanowski did not possess the images for any sinister purpose but was trying to help eradicate child pornography.

Kanowski, who is on a disability pension, had spent 31/2 weeks at Rockhampton Mental Health Unit after being charged and was still receiving treatment, the court was told.

Magistrate Tom Bradshaw was asked to take into consideration Kanowski’s record and that Kanowski had not shown the images to other people or to children and had already started steps towards rehabilitation.

Mr Bradshaw said such offences were considered serious by the community.

“They have become rather shunned by the community; especially where children are involved,” he said.

“I also take into account the clinical records of the likelihood of your reoffending being low.”

Kanowski was fined $2500, in default 50 days’ imprisonment, and was put on 12 months’ probabation on condition he continue therapy.


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