Robert Stephen Keating

Posted: December 3, 2012 by Serendipity in Queensland
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Internet child porn king jailed for four years

August 30 2002

A man who ran an international child porn club and had the biggest collection of computer child porn images ever detected in Australia was jailed for four years today.

Robert Stephen Keating, 43, a boilermaker, of Walkerston, 15km west of Mackay in northern Queensland, pleaded guilty in the Mackay District Court today to eight child pornography related counts.

The court was told Keating had 226,500 porn images on his computer. More than 180,000 of those were child abuse material while the remainder was adult pornography.

The previous Australian record for computerised child pornography was 140,000 images.

Keating operated an international porn club which had 184 members.

Local police raided his home after a tip-off from police based in the United States.

District Court Judge Brian Hoath sentenced Keating to four years’ jail.

The maximum sentence for the offences was three years but Judge Hoath added an extra year because some of the charges related to Keating reoffending while on bail.

He has already served 221 days in prison on remand.



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