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Convicted child rapist Stephen Kennedy’s plea for castration

Article from: Courier-Mail

Peter Michael

September 05, 2009 12:00am

A DEPRAVED sex “monster” is the state’s first criminal willing to undergo voluntary chemical castration in a bid to reduce his risk of re-offending and his jail time.

Truckie and convicted child rapist Stephen Kennedy has been described by a judge as a “monster” and “abhorrent”.

His decision to formally explore the process of chemical castration – to reduce libido and deviant sexual behaviour – comes ahead of a similar bid by jailed Brisbane pedophile Geoffrey Robert Dobbs.

Child protection group Braveheart, medical experts and the Opposition yesterday warned against allowing the “sham” of voluntary chemical castration to thwart the justice system.

Kennedy, 46, a Cairns father of four, pleaded guilty and was last Friday sentenced to 12 years’ jail for his “catastrophic” and “disturbing” crimes.

He filmed himself raping and molesting girls as young as three – including an eight-year-old who was drugged, bound and gagged with tape. His child porn collection included photographs of himself raping children, among a catalogue of 67,000 other sickening abuse images.

But in sentencing last week, Kennedy revealed he had “found God”.

His lawyer also provided a letter to the court showing he was willing to undergo voluntary chemical castration to reduce his risk of re-offending.

Corrective Services Minister Neil Roberts yesterday confirmed Kennedy had written to him while on remand and had been referred to a doctor for assessment. “It is entirely a matter between the prisoner and his doctor,” Mr Roberts said.

The State Government endorsed voluntary chemical castration last year in a bid to reduce the $50,000-a-year community supervision costs for released sex offenders.

In his sentencing remarks, Cairns District Court Judge Bill Everson made note of Kennedy’s willingness to consider chemical castration so that “ultimately you may be less of a threat to the community”.

But Braveheart founder Hetty Johnston said “shifty, sneaky, devious” child sex offenders were trying to use the treatment as a “bargaining chip”.

“It is a sham,” she said. “We don’t trust it.”

Deputy Opposition Leader Lawrence Springborg said he would prefer to see Kennedy apply for surgical castration, as it offered a permanent solution.

Sex ‘monster’ gets 12 years

Margo Zlotkowski

Saturday, August 29, 2009

© The Cairns Post

A “DEPRAVED monster” who photographed himself molesting and raping little girls to add to a child porn library of almost 67,000 images has been jailed for 12 years.

Cairns District Court Judge Bill Everson, who refused to look at the sickening photos tendered at yesterday’s sentencing, told Cairns truck driver Stephen John Kennedy, 46, his behaviour was not only “abhorrent and disgusting” but had been catastrophic to the lives of his young victims and their families.

“You appear to have gone from being a loving parent to a depraved monster preying on young children and addicted to internet pornography,” Judge Everson said.

The father-of-four yesterday pleaded guilty to three counts of rape, three counts of indecent treatment of a child with aggravation and three counts of making child exploitation material.

Two of the rapes were of a three-year-old girl, whose father left her in Kennedy’s care for four days in October 2006. In that time, Kennedy took about 40 photos of her posing with him in sexually explicit ways and being interfered with by him on two occasions.

The third rape was of an eight-year-old girl left in his care, who he took advantage of after drugging with an anti-depressant when she got travel sick on a truck ride from Townsville to Cairns in April 2007.

Over fours at his house, he photographed himself with her naked and arranged with him in sexually explicit poses.

He also bound and gagged her with tape.

In a search of Kennedy’s house in the same month, police found almost 67,000 pornographic photos of children on his computer hard-drive and on 60 compact discs, as well as 165 video files and 100 links to child exploitation websites.

The images were filed under titles such as nude and semi-nude.

Hundreds of the images had been taken by Kennedy and included neighbours’ young daughters playing semi-naked in their yards and a 13-year-old friend of his own child in her underwear while she slept.

Others were of unknown children in parks and soccer fields.

Kennedy, who has already spent more than two years in custody, was struggling to deal with what he had done and was recently baptised, his barrister John Harrison said.

He had also explored getting chemically castrated to reduce his threat to society.


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