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Tennis coach guilty of indecent act

|  June 23rd, 2011

A GEELONG tennis coach has been convicted and fined after kissing a 16-year-old girl in his care.

Andrew King, 35, was convicted by a jury of performing an indecent act with a child under his care, supervision or authority, but cleared on a count of sexual penetration.

The Victorian County Court heard the victim was dropped off at King’s home in 2009 where they kissed on the couch and he partially removed her pants.

In sentencing, Judge Gerard Mulally said the community abhorred the exploitation of children.

“You let your own sexual gratification get in the way of doing the right thing,” he said.

Judge Mulally fined King, of Newtown, $1600.

The judge told him he had learnt a bitter lesson, as his conviction will mean severe restrictions on his employment.

King will now be on the sex offender’s register.

Tennis coach on teen sex charge

Joel Cresswell   |  December 22nd, 2010

A PROMINENT Geelong tennis coach has faced charges in Geelong Magistrates’ Court of having sex with a teenager under his care.

Police allege Andrew McKenzie King, of Newtown, kissed and had sex with the teen. He was charged under legislation that stipulates a person must not take part in an act of sexual penetration with a 16 or 17-year-old child to whom he or she is not married and who is under his or her care, supervision or authority.

In 2009, the girl’s mother dropped her off at Mr King’s home ahead of a joint project the next morning.

Both the mother and daughter, who cannot be named, believed others would also be sleeping at Mr King’s home that night.

But when the mother left, Mr King told the girl the others had emailed to say they could no longer make it.

Police allege Mr King, 34, kissed the girl as they sat in the lounge room together before moving to the bedroom where they had sex.

Mr Morrisey also highlighted the fact police initially told the mother and daughter Mr King had not committed an offence when they filed the complaint in July of 2009.

The girl returned to police with additional information in January this year and police charged Mr King.

Court also heard the girl suffered from anxiety and had been seeing psychologists around the time of the alleged offending.

Mr King is a tennis coach and owner of a tennis centre.


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