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        Knight – Garri Douglas - Photo

Sex predator released

Friday, October 31, 2008

A CHILD sex predator caught taking photos of a nine-year-old girl at the Cairns Esplanade Lagoon also had a stash of child porn and convictions for indecent acts. 

Garri Douglas Knight, 58, appeared in Cairns District Court yesterday and pleaded guilty to two counts of possessing child exploitation material.

The court heard he was lurking at the Esplanade Lagoon on August 3 last year, taking photos of a young girl with his mobile phone, when a lifeguard spotted him.

The lifeguard contacted the security camera operators who kept Knight under surveillance.

Crown prosecutor Bob English said the lifeguard recognised Knight because he had given evidence against him when Knight was charged with indecent acts two years earlier.

Mr English said police arrested Knight and seized his phone, which contained photos of pre-pubescent females and depicted sex acts with children.

He was charged and released on bail, but just over a month later it was discovered he was using a CBD internet cafe to access his stash of child pornography.

On September 20, 2007, two witnesses told police they had seen child sex images saved on a computer at the internet cafe.

Police seized the computer and, the next day, staff called police when the suspect returned.

Mr English said the police who approached Knight saw several pornographic images of children engaged in sex with adults.

Knight later told police he believed the images were artistic, not pornographic.

Judge Michael Shanahan said the defendant had prior convictions for possessing child porn, indecent dealing and indecent acts.

“He obviously seems to have an interest in pre-pubescent children,” he said.

Knight was sentenced to 12 months’ jail. Time already served was taken into consideration and he was released yesterday. He will spend the next three years on probation.

Judge Shanahan ordered Knight to complete sex offender programs.


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