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Former principal charged

Kristy Martin | 6th February 2010

AN OUTSTANDING community service record has saved former Glendyne principal Raymond Ross Krueger from jail after he was convicted of indecently dealing with a child under 16.

Krueger, 55, walked free from the Hervey Bay Magistrates Court yesterday after being given a 10-month suspended jail term.

The former principal of Glendyne Education and Training Centre, which provides support for disadvantaged teens, was recognised for his clean record and his apparent remorse, despite pleading guilty to the charge.

The court heard Krueger touched the breast of a 13-year-old girl during a camping trip when he was the leader of the Hervey Bay Baptist Church youth group.

He was 43 at the time.

Krueger was in the surf with the girl at Rainbow Beach when he put his hand on her breast, before pushing her so that the force of a wave pulled her swimmer top down, prosecutor Djenita Balic said.

He then stood and stared at the girl’s naked breast.

Krueger, who was supported in court by his wife and three adult children, was originally due to face four charges, including one count of sexual assault, but all three other charges were dropped.

The court was told that Krueger phoned the girl, now 26, in December 2007 to ask her forgiveness because he “felt bad” about what he had done.

But she didn’t appreciate his contact, which included repeated emails, and went to church members who investigated the matter.

Krueger eventually wrote a letter to the church admitting he’d had a “sexual attraction” to the girl.

In the letter, he said the girl had regularly hugged him and hung off his neck and that he recalled looking down her top and feeling her breasts rubbing on his neck when he would piggyback her.

He said following the incident at the beach, his life “became hell”.

Krueger, who lost his teaching position over the charges, has received national recognition for helping to build and develop the Glendyne school.

He is now living away from the Bay and working in an engineering position.

Defence barrister Michael Woodford said Krueger’s remorse had been real for “many, many years” and that he was glad to be in court to finally be punished for his actions.

He tendered seven references from “respected” community members to the court on Krueger’s behalf.

Ms Balic said the fact that Krueger was a lot older than the girl and that he had breached a position of trust was not in his favour but said he was otherwise of good character.

Added to that were his early plea, his complete lack of criminal history and his apparent remorse, she said.

Judge Hugh Botting said Krueger’s actions were at the lower end of the scale of seriousness and that the references showed he had made a significant contribution to the community.

He ordered that Krueger spend no time in jail and have no contact with the victim, who was present in court.

Church leader guilty of touching girl, 13

  • From: AAP
  • February 05, 2010 4:14PM

A FORMER Hervey Bay church leader and school principal has been given a suspended sentence over the indecent dealing of a 13-year-old girl at a camp.

Raymond Ron Krueger, 55, the former principal of the Glendyne Education and Training Centre set up by the Hervey Bay Baptist Church, pleaded guilty to one charge of unlawfully and indecently dealing with the child under 16.

Hervey Bay District Court Judge Hugh Botting today gave Krueger a 10-month suspended sentence with an operational period of two years.

The court earlier heard Krueger touched the teenage girl’s breasts at a church camp between August 25, 1996, and August 24, 1999.

Principal faces sex charges

Loretta Bryce | 17th September 2009

ONE OF Hervey Bay’s most respected community and church leaders is facing child sex charges.

Raymond Ron Krueger, who has won nationwide acclaim for his work with at-risk teenagers as principal of Glendyne Education and Training Centre, has been accused of sexually assaulting a teenage girl.

Krueger appeared in the Hervey Bay Magistrates Court yesterday charged with two counts of indecent dealing of a child under 16 and one charge of sexual assault.

The offences were alleged to have happened between 1997 and 2001 when Krueger was involved with the Hervey Bay Baptist Church youth group.

The alleged victim was aged between 13 and 17 at the time of the alleged offences and was a member of the youth group.

She gave evidence during a two-hour closed court hearing yesterday, before eight other witnesses took the stand.

Krueger was alleged to have touched the teenager’s breasts on at least three occasions – once during a Bible study session and another time during a youth group camp.

The allegations came to light in 2008 when the alleged victim told several church members.

Krueger was charged early this year.

The court was told Krueger and the young woman had both been spoken to by church elders about their unusual relationship, which involved text messages, emails and an on-again, off-again friendship.

Church members described a blurring of boundaries between the two and said it seemed they were too emotionally involved with each other.

“It wasn’t a normal relationship like that of a mentor and a youth,” one church member said.

Senior Pastor Keith Stevenson said that in February this year Krueger confessed to touching the girl inappropriately on four occasions.

“He said he knew he had done wrong … and he was sorry for the things that had happened,” Pastor Stevenson said.

“I was torn between being a friend and wanting to do what was right.

“I was aware of the stress he was under but I felt the only way to deal with it was to bring it into the open and be accountable for it.”

Another church member said Krueger spoke to her in January this year about his desire to re-enter ministry at the church.

“He told me he’d done things that could affect his ministry,” she said. “He said there were things in his past he wasn’t proud of and he knew he’d done wrong.

“I thought it may have been something physical or doing something inappropriate with a young person but nothing specific was said.”

Krueger did not enter a plea to any of the charges.

He was committed to stand trial in the Hervey Bay District Court and was released on bail until his court date.


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