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Posted: December 16, 2012 by Serendipity in Victoria
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Paedophile who had Bill Henson art sent to him jailed over child porn

  • Elissa Hunt, Mark Dunn
  • From: Herald Sun
  • July 06, 2011 6:07AM

A PAEDOPHILE who had magazines featuring the nude child photography of artist Bill Henson sent to him at a secure village for sex offenders has been jailed for keeping child pornography.

But the controversial Henson images were not illegal – unlike the 19 pictures of naked and abused children Dean Alan Lecornu had stored on mobile phones he smuggled in under the noses of supervisors.

Lecornu was yesterday jailed for 20 months for downloading child pornography on the mobile phones and breaching a supervision order imposed to protect the community from him.

The court heard that Lecornu used “arguably innocent pictures” for “depraved purposes”.

He was living under strict security with other sex offenders at Corella Place, known as the “Village of the Damned”, when he had copies of magazines including Art Monthly sent to him.

Yesterday County Court Judge Sue Pullen refused to allow Lecornu to keep the anonymity he had been afforded in the four years he has been on a supervision order.

The decision came just days after the Herald Sun launched its Open Justice campaign, seeking that laws banning the identities of offenders “in the public interest” be scrapped and hearings involving our most dangerous rapists and paedophiles be openly reported.

Judge Pullen noted that suppression of Lecornu’s name had not stopped him from offending or breaching the supervision order.

It was no longer in the public interest to keep his identity secret, the judge said.

Lecornu, 32, has a long and disturbing history including the rape of a schoolgirl and trying to attack children in school toilets at knifepoint.

The Justice Department asked for Lecornu’s name to be published after yesterday’s sentence, saying there was little evidence of rehabilitation.

The court heard he had ordered the magazines for their “material depicting near naked children … for the purpose of satisfying (his) masturbatory desires while on the Extended Supervision Order and from within Corella Place”.

After being caught with the magazines Lecornu had been warned about his behaviour but still brought in the phones and downloaded child pornography.

One of the offences happened just a week after his supervision order had been reviewed.

Staff tried to search his unit in September last year but he blocked his door and after a brief standoff staff entered and found two mobile phones.

When police came to search again in December he struggled with officers as they tried to seize another phone. A spare phone was also found.

Lecornu claimed he was bored living at Corella Place, only socialising with other sex offenders.

His lawyer had asked for Lecornu’s punishment to be “time served” with a further jail sentence suspended. But Judge Pullen said she must consider community protection and jailed him for 20 months, with a minimum of 13 months.

Henson’s work came under fire after police seized his photographs of a 13-year-old girl from a Sydney gallery in 2008. They later found he had not committed any crime.


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