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Posted: December 16, 2012 by Serendipity in Queensland
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Men jailed over child porn trade

Rae Wilson | 20th September 2011

A MAROOCHYDORE judge who said child pornography offences were increasing “exponentially” sent a stern warning yesterday as he jailed two offenders for supporting the “evil trade”.

Judge John Robertson said George Duncan Laurie, 53, and Benjamin James Stanley, 27, had to be jailed to deter other like-minded people and protect the community.

He said the act encouraged the “exploitation and corruption of children unable to protect themselves”.

“If people like you are prepared to download these images … this encourages those around the world involved in this evil trade of creating child pornography,” he said.

“Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week there are operations going on designed to seek out this kind of behaviour.

“People who behave like this late at night and think they are alone should know that they are being watched and there is a reasonable chance they will be detected.”

Laurie, from Ringtail Creek, was caught with 1180 child porn images, mostly children in sexual poses.

He had 95 images in the most “depraved” categories involving adult penetration, sadism and bestiality.

Laurie was caught when Interpol tracked down the IP addresses of people who downloaded child porn from a hacked Croatian website.

The court heard Laurie led “quite a sad and lonely life”.

He told police looking at the images gave him “a bit of a buzz”..

An 18-month jail term will be suspended after four months.

Stanley, from Nambour, was caught with 14,707 images, including “distressing” material showing “a pre-walking child”.

About 87% depicted children aged 12 to 14 posing sexually.

There were movies depicting penetrative sexual activity with children aged six to 12 years, including some bondage and humiliation.

The court heard that Stanley, who was ordered to serve four months’ jail and two years of probation, was socially isolated and depressed.

World Interpol investigation

  • Croatian astronomy website hacked with child porn images
  • Hacked site received 12 million hits worldwide
  • 144,285 IP addresses from 170 countries identified
  • 1517 IP addresses in Australia, 556 in Queensland


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