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Child porn man back in jail


November 12, 2009 12:15pm

A DEWENT Valley nurse who swapped images from his horrific collection of child pornography is back in jail.

Lindsay Gordon Latham, 52, of New Norfolk, served a four month term of imprisonment after pleading guilty to 93 counts of possessing, producing and distributing child exploitation material.

After an appeal from Director of Public Prosecutions Tim Ellis, the Court of Criminal Appeal today found that sentence was manifestly inadequate and sent Latham to jail for a minimum of a year.

The court said Latham pretended to be a 27-year-old woman in online chats and discussed his fantasies about rape, sadism torture, bestiality and genital mutilation involving children with other people online.

In one chat he talked of “snatching a kid”.

“The seriousness of his conduct was compounded by the fact that he assumed the identity of a mother who gravely abused her children and encourages others to do so,” Justice Peter Evans said in his judgment.

“These conversations cannot be dismissed as abhorrent but harmless fantasies.”

In addition, Latham had on his computer 38,054 images depicting young girls, boys and babies engaged in sexual acts and images of children being tortured.

His crimes were unmasked in 2007 after a tip-off from US authorities monitoring a known child sex offender.

The Court of Criminal Appeal found that the sentence of ten months jail, with six months of the sentence suspended imposed by Justice Shan Tennant was not enough.

In his judgment, Justice David Porter said Latham’s crimes were appalling.

“In my respectful view, the sentence failed to properly reflect the abhorrent and very insidious nature of the respondent’s conduct,” he said.

“He discussed, encouraged and promoted the sexual abuse and torture of children the subject of the particular images and of children generally.”

It imposed a two-year sentence, with a non-parole period of one year.

Latham has already served 90 days.

Longer jail time urged for child porn crimes

Posted Thu Apr 30, 2009 11:05am AEST

The survivors’ group Beyond Abuse has criticised the sentence handed down to a man who admitted possessing, producing and distributing child exploitation material.

Lindsay Gordon Latham was sentenced in the Hobart Criminal Court to 10 months jail with a non-parole period of four months.

The court was told police found more than 38,000 child sexual abuse images on the 52-year-old’s computer log when they seized the computer two years ago.

They also found Latham had accessed and forwarded such pictures, some involving babies, and had taken part in numerous graphic chat room discussions about child sex.

Latham’s lawyer argued the discussions were fantasy, and no one was hurt.

Justice Shan Tennent said Latham’s activities encouraged the trade in child sex material and could encourage the material’s production.

Steve Fisher from Beyond Abuse says the jail term was not sufficient.

“I would have liked to have seen the sentence a lot harder to send a message to these people,” he said.

“They are pleading mitigation that it’s not hurting anybody but let’s face it 38,000 images including sexually graphic ones of babies you can’t tell me that somebody out there isn’t doing things with these images.”

Man admits porn crimes


April 09, 2009 02:29pm

A DERWENT Valley man has pleaded guilty to more than 90 crimes involving child pornography.

Lindsay Gordon Latham, 52, of New Norfolk admitted possessing and distributing pictures of young people engaged in sexual acts between August 2005 and June last year.

The nursing home nurse pleaded guilty to possessing close to 40,000 child pornography images, as well as 25 counts of producing child exploitation material and 67 counts of distributing the material.

The production charge related to comments Latham posted on an internet chatroom site.

The Supreme Court in Hobart today heard that Latham described sexual activity between adults and children, in some cases involving the torture of people aged under 18.

The distribution charge related to images that Latham shared with other chatroom users.

Latham’s lawyer Garth Stephens said his client entered the world of online chat “by accident” when his partner left her computer logged on to a chatroom site.

Mr Stephens said Latham presented himself as a woman to other site users.

“There can be no doubt the conversations engaged in by the accused were fantasy,” Mr Stephens said.

Nothing Latham described actually happened, none of the subjects of his comments existed and there was no evidence a child was harmed by the conversations, Mr Stephens said.

But crown prosecutor Jane Williams disagreed.

“There is harm by the fact that these images, that these conversations and this material is out there in the first place,” Ms Williams said.

Justice Shan Tennent will sentence Latham on April 29.

He was remanded in custody.


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