Russell Robert Langfield

Posted: December 16, 2012 by Serendipity in Tasmania
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Ex-bus driver’s child porn guilt

HELEN KEMPTON   |   September 01, 2011 01.42pm

A FORMER school bus driver has pleaded guilty to storing child exploitation material on his computer.

Russell Robert Langfield, 53, of Kimberley, had his internet usage tracked by a Queensland Police taskforce that was investigating a child pornography website before his computer was seized by Tasmania Police in September last year.

It was found to contain 307 photos and 16 video files categorised as child exploitation material which were stored in files with names such as “bus folder” and “schoolies”.

He told the police at the time that he considered the images, mostly low-level pornography of children posing, as “artistic” not pornographic.

Langfield’s defence counsel Tamara Jago said most of the images did not involve sexual activity.

Ms Jago said Langfield had an interest in adult pornography and the amount of material he downloaded which offended the law was very small.

She said Langfield, an organic farmer, was now in a relationship and had lost his interest in porn.

“He is ashamed and embarrassed by the charges,” she said.

Langfield is no longer employed as a school bus driver.

He will be sentenced on September 7.


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