Paedophile back in jail after schools warning

Amanda Banks Legal Affairs Editor, The West Australian Updated December 20, 2012, 2:30 am

A paedophile who tried to sell a child-tracking device to parents through the education system and was accused of trying to get work as a relief teacher is back in jail after his parole was cancelled.

The Department of Corrective Services has confirmed that Kim Lance Stracke, who was described in a warning to private school principals this month as a “real risk” to children, is in custody.

It is believed Stracke, 61, was returned to jail on December 11, the day after a warrant was issued for his arrest when his parole was cancelled. He must spend another two months in jail to complete his sentence.

The Prisoners Review Board has confirmed a decision published on its website is about Stracke, though its policy is not to name him.

The decision said the board was concerned about Stracke’s overall elevated risk of reoffending and risk to community safety.

It said its concerns were raised because Stracke attended schools as part of his retail activity and attempted to get a working with children clearance and employment as a relief teacher.

The decision said Stracke was also removed from a sex offender program because of his “disruptive” behaviour and that he continued to resist engaging in treatment.

Stracke pleaded guilty in 2010 to three counts of indecently dealing with, and two counts of sexual penetration of, a child aged between 13 and 16. His four-year, eight-month jail term was reduced to three years after an appeal.

He was given parole in August last year after 18 months on conditions that included no unsupervised contact with children aged under 16, no contact with his victim, that he complies with national sex offender register reporting requirements and not change address without the board’s approval.

The Education Department told principals on December 3 they should report any contact with Stracke and ask him to leave school premises.

An Association of Independent Schools of WA email to private school principals two days later alleged Stracke was trying to work as a relief teacher and was marketing a child-tracking device.

When contacted by The West Australian at the time, Stracke denied seeking relief teacher work and said the device he was marketing would not let him track children.

Stracke’s wife Susan said yesterday the allegations that her husband was seeking a working with children permit and work as a relief teacher were “completely false” and they were working to bring the truth to light.


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  1. Jose Stracke says:

    The allegations reported in the paper are actually completely untrue. Mr Stracke never applied for a WWC card or for work as a teacher. These facts could have been affirmed by checking with the DCP ( which no one actually did before making the claims)
    The “tracking device” which is made to sound so sinister is actually a small safety communication device designed to safeguard either the elderly who live alone, or children, by allowing them to contact their guardian or parent at the push of a button. As it works on the Cell Network system (using a sim card) and not the GPS system it is a Locator… capable of providing only an approx location within a 500 mtre radius. The ONLY people who can access the device are the parents themselves or whoever they choose to share their phone no. with…just like a mobile phone.
    Mr Stracke served his prison sentence as a result of his own confession to police. He has suffered deep remorse over the incident and has been trying to do something positive for the community.
    His only contact with schools was by mail out offering the product as a fundraiser. The products would be ordered on line and shipped out as required. This was all made known to his parole officer so there was nothing to hide.
    The so called ‘disruptive behaviour’ can only be associated with his incessant coughing while attending his meetings suffering with an acute chest infection. …certainly not what is implied.
    Of course people don’t know him and will believe what they read in the paper…and that’s a pity….because IT REALLY ISN”T TRUE !!

  2. Protect your children says:

    Only a fool would marry a Paedophile and be convinced of his innocence. How dare you protect a Paedophile and not the victims that he has abuse sexually. You blind woman you have blood on your hands and the truth will always reveal itself. You are too blind to see, this is why you have no contact your own grandchildren. The Morman church is a joke for allowing him to blend and have contact your future victims, all beware who attend the church that he is blending in around your children, meanwhile the woman he is married to is protecting him so he can strike again. Hell will not even accept you at point and this is true.

  3. Jose Stracke says:

    Yes …. as I said he voluntarily confessed to this and served his time in prison. The consequences of this one crime will indeed follow him the remainder of his days and he takes full responsibility for what occurred. What I am saying is that he is NOT GUILTY of these recent allegations and was only trying to do something positive with his life. The irony is that the product being sold will actually protect the innocent and give parents access to their children at all times.
    Yes he did a terrible thing….a crime for which he has paid dearly in many ways.
    Only God knows a person’s heart and is able to forgive and “though our sins be as scarlet , they can be white as snow”
    As we celebrate the Birth of our Saviour Jesus Christ may we remember that He came to earth to free us from sin and give us a way back. That gift of repentance is freely available to ALL God’s children.
    I understand there are those who, for whatever reason, find it difficult to believe that people can change. I can only say that it is TRUE.
    For any out there who feel they have sinned so badly that there is no way back….Please be assured THAT THERE IS A WAY …and it is through the Saviour.

  4. Protect your children says:

    You speak the word of the devil and you twist the words of faith to suit yourself. How do you sleep at night knowing you sleep with a man found guilty of sexually penetrating children. The sentence for the victim is life and now explain why he is let of so lightly? How dare you say he has changed when he has just been arressted again for trying to commit the same crime you blind woman. He is AS GUILTY AS SIN AND SHOULD HE BE SO LUCKY TO FIND A FOOL LIKE YOU.

  5. essybeek1 says:

    Remember what Christ said before He died on the cross………. “Father forgive them for they know not what they do”.
    This lovely person who does not personally know you nor Lance has no right to judge you to name call you, to curse you nor label you.
    You do not need to justify anything to anyone. Lance has paid the price for His actions, unfortunately even though he is forgiven by Christ through that amazing sacrifice He made for us ALL on the cross, he will always be scorned.
    You know why you guys are together. You know what Heavenly Father has told you to do. He believes in you both.
    Others can sit and finger point, name call, judge you both but at the end of the day they too will have to stand before the Savior and atone for their sins.
    I do not condone any sexual behavior done to a child as i have personally seen and lived with consequences of what this has done to innocent lives. What I can say is that if anyone truly truly changes, reforms themselves through the right channels, they can change and be healed.
    The media goes into a frenzy when they wish to get a story published.
    Maybe you should look at “defamation of character” for not publishing the whole Truth and twisting things around to suit themselves.
    Our love and support is with you.
    essy x

  6. Protect your children says:

    And just to remind all of you while twisting God’s word once again to defend a Paedophile on a Paedophile website who has been arrested again! Is this picture not clear that both of you are actually on a Paedophile website not hero’s website defending this scum.
    Is the word reformed or changed really the proper terms to describe a repeat offender and why is the anwser to attack the media for “defamation of character” when the media is warning us to protect our children from a high risk offender who has been removed from the sex offenders program??? No wonder children are still victims of molestation in churches you would rather hide the truth to keep face. How many times can you molest children, over and over again and each time you forgiven by Christ is this the way it works in church? EVERWHERE ELSE YOU GO TO PRISON, LAWS CHANGE WHEN YOU GO TO CHURCH, REPEAT YOUR SIN, REPENT YOUR SIN, REPEAT, REPENT, ITS OK YOU WILL BE FORGIVEN, DOES THE LESSON EVERY GET LEARNT!!!!!! I GUESS NOT.

    • Jose says:

      Believe it or not we are actually on the same page about the importance of protecting children.
      I DO understand how, going by what the media published, you would have such strong feelings about this matter. If the allegations made were true… then who would disagree .

      The fact is that they are absolutely FALSE. The whole situation appears to have come about by someone misinterpreting a fundraising opportunity given to schools ( by mail-out) to offer a Child Safety Communication device to parents …to PROTECT their children. There was NEVER any contact with children …or any attempts at such.
      The media like to sensationalise all they can to sell papers and sadly many people believe what they read without question.
      Proof of innocence will be provided to the authorities to clear his name of these recent allegations.
      While there are people who ARE repeat offenders ….this is NOT one of them.
      I know you will most likely think I’m just defending him but …..I AM speaking the TRUTH.

      True Repentance means to CONFESS and FORSAKE your sin. That’s the ONLY way to be forgiven.

  7. Protect your children says:

    The Verdict

    So what is a pedophile?

    He or she is a molester in the mind – a child predator that finds kids sexually irresistible. He suffers from a real mental illness that occurs when adults or older teens turn to children for sexual pleasure.

    He is the monster that hides his ugly face behind the mask of a person you and I would trust.

    Disturbing? Yes.

    Criminal? Maybe…

    Punishable? Only if caught.

    Judging from the statistics, you wouldn’t be far off to think that most pedophiles ARE criminals. Their dirty deeds just haven’t been discovered… yet.

  8. Protect your children says:


    Well then you should know how important it is to be proactive and protect the innocent children and victims like yourself. And if you know then you will know the statistics are high for a sexually deviant to offend again and these offenders have done it many times before they get caught. Treatment has a low success rate, especially when one is acting on the urge while in treatment and shows little remorse for their actions.


    True Repentance means to CONFESS and FORSAKE your sin. That’s the ONLY way to be forgiven.
    You actually make church into a joke, how many times can you commit the same sin before this is not ok? Your beliefs make you foolish, and this why you are a victim now, your weakness is why he is attracted to you, you and the church are his cover. If your on the same page open your eyes and get some mental health therapy and stop being a victim too!

    He or she is a molester in the mind – a child predator that finds kids sexually irresistible. He suffers from a real mental illness that occurs when adults or older teens turn to children for sexual pleasure.
    HE IS NOT ATTRACTED TO ADULT WOMEN OR MEN JUST REMEMBER THAT AND THIS IS A SEXUALLY DESIRE OR URGE THAT HAS TO BE FILLED AND YOU WILL NEVER FILL IT! THIS IS A DISEASE OF THE MIND. Suggestion read the current stats and reseach, so you can make an informed decision not an emotional one. You want to believe in him so even if the truth is before you, you can not see it clearly, and you may not want to. Your a sick person not a bad person seek help.

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