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$4000 fine for child porn charge

By Clare Hayes

July 4, 2006, 1 p.m.

A DUNBOGAN man has received a 12-month suspended sentence and more than $4000 in fines for possessing child pornography.

Michael James Paul Little, 52, appeared in Port Macquarie Local Court for sentencing on Monday.

He had already pleaded guilty and been convicted of possessing two downloaded videos and a number of pornographic stories.

The video images depicted children under the age of 16 engaging in sexual activities; the text files described children under the age of 16 engaging in sexual acts.

A memory stick with the downloaded information was found at Little’s workplace and handed to police.

In sentencing, magistrate Wayne Evans took into consideration Little’s otherwise clean record, health issues and his age.

But, Mr Evans said, the information was used for self-gratification and where children were depicted “there were victims”.

The fines were intended as a deterrent against the child pornography market and, Mr Evans said, defenceless children, overseas and locally, needed to be protected.

Little lost his job after the information was discovered. His lawyer said Little was depressed and ashamed of the conviction.



Dunbogan man on porn charge

March 7, 2006, 9:37 p.m.

A MARRIED man who has admitted to possessing child pornography will be sentenced in Port Macquarie Local Court at the end of the month.

Michael James Paul Little, 51, a small business manager of Dunbogan, was convicted on Monday of one count of possessing child pornography.

According to police facts tendered in court, a computer memory stick was found by an office cleaner in the stairwell of a Wauchope business at 5.15pm on January 27.

The business’ executive manager plugged the memory stick into a computer in an attempt to locate the owner and discovered it contained Little’s work files and child pornography.

Two video files on the memory stick depicted people under the age of 16 years engaging in sexual activities, while text files described people under 16 years engaging in sexual acts.

The memory stick was secured and handed in to police.

On February 6, two detectives examined the material and confirmed it contained child pornography as well as work files.

Two days later police visited Little at work and questioned him about the memory stick contents.

He declined to be interviewed by police.

Solicitor Steve Wright said Little pleaded guilty to the offence. He will be sentenced on March 27.


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