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Ex-music teacher jailed for child porn

December 3, 2008

Julian Drape

A former Canberra music teacher who downloaded thousands of child porn images, including pictures of children engaged in sex acts with animals, will spend three months in full-time custody.

Police raided the home of Richard John Llewellyn, 58, earlier this year and found 17,000 images and video files depicting child pornography and child abuse.

His arrest was part of a worldwide investigation into child pornography.

The married father of two pleaded guilty in April to using the internet to view child porn and possessing child porn.

In sentencing Llewellyn in the ACT Supreme Court on Wednesday, Justice Hilary Penfold said the seized material included “the most disturbing kinds of images”.

“(There were) children bound, gagged and threatened while being subjected to sexual acts, children engaging in sexual acts with animals, and images of children as young as four months,” Justice Penfold said.

“Even accepting that many of the images occur more than once in the material, it is hard to see how there could have been fewer than hundreds of children involved.”

The court heard Llewelyn developed an interest in child porn after he found out his own children had been molested by his father.

He soon became obsessed with the internet and accessed the material every night for sexual gratification.

His obsession became so extreme he suffered deep vein thrombosis because of the time spent on the computer.

Justice Penfold said to his credit Llewellyn had fully cooperated with the police investigation and expressed continuing remorse for his actions.

Indeed, his psychiatrist told the court the 58-year-old was “deeply distressed, ashamed and, not surprisingly, now plagued with suicidal intention”.

Llewellyn was sentenced to three months full-time custody, with a further five months to be served by way of periodic detention.

Another 12 months was suspended subject to a two-year good behaviour order.


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