Aaron James Lowe

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Man jailed over distressing child porn

Posted November 04, 2011 09:08:33

A man caught with child pornography even he found too distressing to watch has been sentenced to 12 months jail.

Police found 116 child exploitation videos on Aaron James Lowe’s laptop.

The Supreme Court in Hobart heard the 41-year-old had downloaded them between April and May of 2009.

They included images of graphic sex acts by adults on children.

Justice Helen Wood said the fact that Lowe tried to delete them by placing them in the computer’s recycle bin that June weighed in his favour.

The court heard Lowe had lost his job as a stevedore after he was charged and that his relationship at the time had also ended as a result.

Lowe will be eligible for parole after six months and his name has been added to a register of sex offenders.



Former coach on child porn charges


Sept. 26, 2011, 1:28 p.m.

A 41-YEAR-OLD father has pleaded guilty to possessing 116 video clips containing child exploitation material. Aaron James Lowe, a former senior cricket coach and Port Sorell resident, initially denied to police he had downloaded child pornography. His defence counsel, Claire Henderson, told the Supreme Court in Burnie yesterday, Lowe had shown “disgust and disappointment” in his actions and regretted he wasn’t forthcoming with police. The video clips, using a scale to define the seriousness of the content, were categorised as 68 clips involving penetrative sexual activity between an adult and a child (category four), three clips involving sadism (category five and the most serious category) and 10 clips involving non- penetrative sexual activity between an adult and a child (category three). The remaining clips involved erotic posing and sexual activity between children. The laptop, where the videos were found, had the potential to be accessed by his then 16-year-old son, but Ms Henderson said while it was a “risk he could have stumbled across the files” there was “no suggestion” this had happened. Ms Henderson said Lowe, since his arrest, had lost his full-time employment, removed himself as cricket coach and had sought psychological help. Justice Helen Wood emphasised the serious nature of the crime, a need for general deterrence and said the ramifications for the children, who are the victims of this crime, must be noted. Justice Wood remanded Lowe in custody until sentencing on October 27.


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