Anthony Peter Lytzki

Posted: January 3, 2013 by Serendipity in Victoria
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Man jailed over child porn

Karen Matthews


A GEELONG man has been jailed after being found with more than 25,000 images of children, some as young as one-year-old, involved in abuse and pornography.

Anthony Peter Lytzki, 52, pleaded guilty in Geelong County Court to charges of accessing child pornography, accessing child abuse material and possessing child pornography.

Judge Geoffrey Chettle said that on March 15, this year, Australian Federal Police executed a search warrant on the Newtown address where Lytzki was then living.

He said police seized computer equipment, including two hard drives, which were found to contain images of child abuse and child pornography.

Judge Chettle said that when interviewed by police, Lytzki admitted regularly accessing child pornography on the Internet and downloading it from a website.

“You told police you kept the images for your own sexual gratification,” he said.

“At 11pm on March 15, police were informed you had hidden a number of floppy disks and compact disks in the compost bin.”

Judge Chettle said police returned to the property and seized the items which showed images of child abuse and child pornography.

He said the images showed children and babies as young as 12 months, involved in depraved, revolting and disgusting acts.

“One dreadful image showed a naked five-year-old girl in a cage,” he said.

“You were found with 9165 images of child pornography and 11,800 of child abuse.

“In all, 25,690 images were held by you. What I fail to understand is why you were attracted to this filth in the first place.”

Judge Chettle said he had taken into account Lytzki’s plea of guilty, his remorse and lack of prior convictions.

“But the mere fact that persons are prepared to possess child pornography creates the very market for children to be violated and abused,” he said.

“Parliament has declared that people who commit these crimes need to know jail is waiting, that this filth will not be tolerated and that it undermines the very decency of the community.”

Judge Chettle convicted Lytzki on all charges and sentenced him to 18 months jail, with six months to serve immediately.

He will then be released on 12 months recognisance for two years.


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  1. Mia says:

    I thought I saw Peter Lytzke in the Perth CBD this morning. ..

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