Robert Arthur Selby Lowe

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Lowe – Robert Arthur Selby - Photoa

Evil killer Robert Arthur Selby Lower running jail sex ring

  • Wayne Flower
  • From: Herald Sun
  • December 06, 2010 12:00AM

AN evil child killer is running a depraved sex ring from inside one of Victoria’s jails.

Robert Arthur Selby Lowe, who is serving a life sentence for the abduction, rape and murder of six-year-old Sheree Beasley, has recruited a gang of villains to smuggle child porn into Ararat prison.

A prison whistleblower told the Herald Sun Lowe had access to a steady supply of child porn, which he accessed on prison computers via smuggled USB sticks and memory cards.

The source claims Lowe, aided by a notorious police shooter, is using a prison sex program run out of the prison’s Children’s Visit Centre to groom young prisoners to be paedophiles.

“He’s been the chairman of these sessions,” the prison source told the Herald Sun. “He’s using the program to groom young, mentally ill inmates, and turning them into sick monsters like himself.”

Sheree Beasley was riding her bike from local shops to her home in Rosebud on June 29, 1991, when Lowe lured her to a merciless death.

People Against Lenient Sentencing spokesman Steve Medcraft said Lowe should be immediately moved back to a tougher prison. “How you can have a child killer at Ararat is beyond me. They should be in a hardened cell at Port Phillip or Barwon,” he said.

The S.H.A.R.E prison program – developed after repeated requests by inmates for a support program for gay prisoners – openly promotes sex between inmates, stating: “It’s just jail sex, you’re not gay (unless you kiss)”. The depraved ring includes career rapists, including a man who raped a woman only moments after walking from court on sex offences.

“Most of these guys they’re preying on shouldn’t even be there, they’re mentally ill,” the source said. “These guys are taking them in, getting them in debt then moving them on to the USBs … before long they’ve dumped their wives or girlfriends and are living with these sickos.”

Corrections Victoria defended the program, explaining that it was “one of a number of programs aimed at supporting prisoners and assisting with their re-integration back into society”.

The source, who now fears for his life, claims to have seen Lowe and other sex fiends watching child pornography on prison computers.

The contraband is allegedly smuggled into prison by visitors or picked up from secure locations while inmates are working outside prison walls.

Corrections Victoria said prison staff carried out regular searches of prisoners and their cells as well as regular audits of computer equipment used by prisoners to ensure they did not view contraband. It said prison staff supervised all program sessions.


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  1. kelly says:

    After reading this article i was sickened to think that these perverted sick minded people that have very little chance of rehabilitation are in main stream jails were they are allowed to be around other inmates that have mental heath issues and that they are also allowed to access computers which is allowing them to be able to keep up the activities that lead them to being in jail but not only that they are now grooming other young inmates to take up where these sicko’s left off and i am so saddened to see that the jail system is not doing anything about this issue and are defending these programs or are not even looking at how they can prevent these things from happening and to be quit honest i think that they should bring in castoration for repeat sex offenders

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