Leopold’s Glenn McConachy, 54, gets child porn conviction

Aleks Devic

December 5th, 2009

A LEOPOLD man who collected shocking child porn images has walked free from court with a fine.

Glenn McConachy, 54, told police that viewing images of young girls took him back to his younger days and he fell into temptation because he lived alone.

McConachy yesterday pleaded guilty in the Geelong Magistrates’ Court to two charges of possessing and downloading child pornography.

Police prosecutor Senior Constable Geoff Lamb said the defendant had two videos and 43 images of female children aged under 18.

“Some children as young as four to five years of age were engaging in sexual activity with adults and animals whilst others were photographed posing in an indecent manner,” Sen-Constable Lamb said.

McConachy was nabbed by the Australian Federal Police after he paid for the child porn from overseas websites in June 2007.

Sen-Constable Lamb said the defendant stated he only viewed the images once, but he saved a shortcut icon on his computer for one of the videos.

Defence lawyer Nick Pappas said his client was on the internet looking for adult porn and deleted the images after they were downloaded.

“This man is very much shattered by what he has done to himself and his family,” Mr Pappas said.

Magistrate Michael Coghlan said child pornography was not a victimless crime.

“The victims are children themselves who have been sexually (abused) by adults,” Mr Coghlan said.

“If people didn’t access these sites, there would not be a market for producing child pornography.”

Clinical psychologist Bernard Healy, who has been treating McConachy, said he did not have concerns that the defendant would re-offend. “He was disgusted by the sort of things he saw. He is not attracted to children,” Mr Healy said.

“He had a curiosity. I don’t think it mirrored satisfaction.”

McConachy was convicted, fined $4000 and placed on a sex offenders register for eight years.


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