Theatre worker jailed over 27,500 images of children

  • Mark Dunn
  • From: Herald Sun
  • September 15, 2011 12:00AM

A FORMER artistic contributor to the Commonwealth and Olympic Games, highly regarded for his work on many Melbourne theatrical events, has been jailed for more than three years for handling 27,500 items of child pornography.

US-born Albert Joseph Martinez, 63, a sought-after puppet and props maker, pleaded guilty to charges of publishing or transmitting via the internet and possession of 26,837 child porn images and 702 videos, many depicting children younger than 10 and including some with the highest category of violent or abusive content.

Martinez, who oversaw some artistic aspects of the Sydney Olympic and Melbourne Commonwealth Games, also worked with major ballet and theatrical companies and had taught for a number of years at the Victorian College of the Arts, the County Court heard.

His involvement in sharing grotesque child pornography images came to police attention in Victoria after child exploitation experts in the US monitored his visits to known websites.

Martinez told police he had become addicted to pornography, accessing it for up to six hours a day, and despite him finding some of the images abhorrent and the child victims distressed, he passed on the material to other offenders.

In sentencing Martinez to three years and four months’ jail, with a minimum of two years and three months, Judge Sue Pullen said he treated the children and the images “as a commodity to exchange”.

“You were creating a market to produce pornography.”

Judge Pullen said Martinez, who had worked on productions including The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, had expressed “shame and remorse” for his offending, now recognised it was not a victimless crime and said his reputation had suffered a “significant fall from grace”.


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  1. Kerrie says:

    One of the worst Australian pedophile scum is one David SHane WHitby, who is doing 32 years with 26 non parole, his story was put in the paper on page 56 although he was supposedly compared worse to the evil Dolly Dunn, Miranda Devine went on to blame the mothers not the offender in her news rant and it seemed to be swept under the carpet. He was done for assaulting little girls twice before he was caught with the films of his disgusting dark life raping children from 18 months and up children of both sexes. In his “films” which caught him out in the end thousands of attrocities against children were captured from this twisted creature, and mention of selling the films included to though that went no further as to who he was selling too, weirdly enough mentions a woman as the “customer”. Was glad to be in the witness box to put him away, he doesnt deserve breath. He snuck into housing commission areas with single mothers with noone disclosing his past to protect the kids, keep up the good work, we deserve to be able to defend our kids, our future.

  2. Kerrie Daly says:

    Gday Rob, just a shame he wasnt still in jail from his 2 previous times caught bein a rock spider then the other filthy disgusting things wouldnt have happened. Where were the police when he was living in a street full of single mums? A warning would have saved the innocence and sanity of those poor little darings he hurt so evilly!

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