Mangnoson – Peter John - Photoa

Child sex offender in Mackay court

Bruce Mckean | 15th October 2009

PETER Mangnoson moved to Sarina from South Australia after being convicted of a child pornography offence but police had to track him down and take him to court in Mackay after he failed to register as a reportable sex offender despite being given official notification.

When police went to get him in Sarina on Tuesday, Mangnoson tried to avoid them by walking behind the backyards of neighbours’ properties to get to his own back door.

He was unco-operative and aggressive towards Mackay Child Protection and Investigation Unit detectives and was handcuffed and arrested.

He was refused bail and held in custody overnight until his case yesterday.

Peter John Mangnoson, 40, who used to live in Whyalla, was convicted in March this year of possessing child pornography on his mobile phone.

Mangnoson lost the phone in a hotel last year and it was handed in to South Australian police who found a significant number of sexual images of children.

Judge Peter Herriman said Mangnoson’s partner supported him through the trial and said she had confidence in his rehabilitation.

Judge Herriman set a jail term of 15 months, suspending it for a two-year good behaviour bond and 96 hours of community service.

Mangnoson pleaded guilty in the Mackay Magistrate’s Court yesterday to failing to comply with reporting conditions imposed by the Australian National Child Offence Register (ANCOR) on October 6.

The court heard that he was convicted of a child sex offence in South Australia on March 6 this year.

Prosecutor Constable Tania Cutler said Mangnoson had to be a reportable offender for eight years.

Detectives gave him a notice to report on September 8, requiring him to register within 28 days.

“He signed an acknowledgement form indicating he knew his reporting obligations,” Const Cutler said.

He did not report within those 28 days.

Duty lawyer John Aberdeen, of Legal Aid Queensland, said the offence for which Mangnoson was convicted in South Australia was not a reportable offence there but was a reportable offence in Queensland.

Mangnoson was a train driver who lived by himself in a rental property.

He was fined $600.


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