Stephen Lloyd Moulder

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Moulder – Steven Lloyd - Photo

Man jailed over 60,000 child porn images

6:36p.m. 25 February 2008

| By Rae Wilson

A Noosa man with gender identity issues will spend the next four months in prison for possessing more than 60,000 child pornography images.

Stephen Lloyd Moulder, 48, claimed his gender identity issues had sparked an interest in female genitalia when he pleaded guilty in the Maroochydore District Court in December 2007.

Police had raided his Ringtail Creek home in September 2007 and discovered the material which he claimed was given to him.

The sentence was adjourned for a psychological evaluation and pre-sentence report.

Today, after receiving the reports, Judge John Robertson sentenced Mr Moulder to 18 months imprisonment, suspended after he has served four months.

The court heard Mr Moulder was self-administering hormone change medication and suffered from gender dysmorphia issues.

Judge Robertson said Mr Moulder would find a custodial sentence difficult but he would not be incarcerated in an open prison.

“In 2005 penalties for crimes of this nature increased in response to increased prevalence in using computer facilities to access child porn from around the world,” Judge Robertson said.

“This is not a victimless crime; somewhere in the world the most horrendous exploitation of a child is being undertaken.”

This was the second time Mr Moulder was found with child exploitation material.

Mr Moulder was fined $3500 for the possessing objectionable material and drugs in January 2002.


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