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Garry Francis Newman loses appeal over Carly Ryan murder

  • AAP
  • AAP
  • April 29, 2011 2:36PM

A VICTORIAN man has lost an appeal against his conviction for killing Adelaide teenager Carly Ryan.

The South Australian Court of Criminal Appeal today rejected 51-year-old Garry Francis Newman’s appeal over his murder conviction for the death of 15-year-old Carly at a secluded beach, south of Adelaide, in July 2007.

His counsel Nick Vadasz had argued that her mother, Sonya, should not have been allowed to give evidence at trial of a conversation she had with her daughter before her death.

Justices Tom Gray, Richard White and Chris Kourakis rejected those grounds, saying it was important that the jury had context about events leading to her murder.

Newman is serving a minimum of 29 years after being found guilty of murder.

He used an cyberspace alter-ego “Brandon Kane” to communicate with Carly after meeting her through a gothic vampire website.

The teenager fell in love with the fictitious guitarist who portrayed himself as a member of the “emo” subculture.

But when Newman travelled to Adelaide in February 2007 in a bid to fulfil his sexual fantasies, Carly rejected his advances.

Evidence at the trial revealed she had been bashed, suffocated and placed in the water at Port Elliott, south of Adelaide, where she drowned.

Carly Ryan’s murderer identified at last

By Candice Marcus

Updated Thu Apr 1, 2010 8:31am AEDT

A Supreme Court justice has jailed the man who murdered teenager Carly Ryan and allowed his identity to be revealed.

South Australian Justice Trish Kelly ruled that Garry Francis Newman, 51, from Victoria, can be identified after having his name suppressed during the trial.

In sentencing today, Justice Kelly ruled that his name and image could be published.

Newman has been set a non-parole term of 29 years.

He assaulted and suffocated 15-year-old Carly on the beach at Port Elliot, south of Adelaide, in 2007, then left her in the water where she drowned.

Justice Kelly said Newman had been sexually obsessed with the teenager and had lured her with a fake internet identity.

Carly Ryan’s mother Sonya released a statement saying she was relieved the community now knew the truth.

“I am relieved that Garry Newman is no longer a danger to the community and other innocent children,” she said.

“I am pleased that the truth has been revealed for Carly and the community can now see the enormous level of manipulation and cruelty carried out by this man.”

She has established a foundation in her daughter’s memory,


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