Alexander George O’Sachy

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Alexander George O’Sachy jailed for carnal knowledge after DNA link to policeman’s daughter

  • by: Mark Oberhardt
  • From: The Courier-Mail
  • February 06, 2012 5:29PM

A DRUG addict who had sex with a 15-year-old girl the week before she took her own life was jailed for carnal knowledge today after DNA linked him to the policeman’s daughter.

It was the latest court case involving the death of the girl who was found hanged under a house on September 7, 2006.

Alexander George O’Sachy, now 35, had already faced a Supreme Court trial in 2009 charged with aiding the suicide of the girl, who can’t be named under Queensland child protection laws, but the jury failed to reach a verdict.

Prosecutors last year dropped that charge and recharged O’Sachy with carnal knowledge on the basis of semen taken from the girl’s vagina during an autopsy.

O’Sachy was to face a trial in the District Court today but at the start of proceedings he pleaded guilty.

In sentencing O’Sachy, Judge Terry Martin, SC, said O’Sachy had exploited the girl’s immaturity and there could have been an added element to the exploitation in the fact the girl was a policeman’s daughter.

Judge Martin noted O’Sachy was alleged to have told a possible witness said it was the ultimate payback to “have f….. a cop’s daughter.”

“You had an obligation to protect the child from herself. You exploited her immaturity,” Judge Martin said, while refusing to sentence O’Sachy on the basis it had been a breach of trust.

He sentenced O’Sachy to two years’ jail to be suspended after six months.

Judge Martin said he imposed a suspension because O’Sachy, when released, would also be on probation until September 13, next year, as he was currently serving a concurrent sentence for drugs and dishonesty offences.

O’Sachy, 35, pleaded guilty to having unlawful carnal knowledge of the girl between August 8 and September 8, 2006.

Earlier, prosecutor Ben Power said while the charge covered a month’s period, forensic evidence showed sex took place up to a week before the girl’s death.

He said the girl had been living in what was called a granny flat with O’Sachy under a house in Brisbane’s south.

Mr Power said O’Sachy had denied he was in a sexual relationship with the girl when questioned by police about her death.

He said the girl had effectively been under O’Sachy’s care in a de-facto sense.

Barrister Jan Taylor, for O’Sachy, said her client had thought of the girl as a close friend and had been upset by her death.

She said at the time of her death the girl was in the care of the Department of Child Safety but the girl had been adamant she wanted to stay with O’Sachy.

Ms Taylor said O’Sachy had a long- time drug problem but still had family support.

She said although his guilty plea had been late, it had saved the court and community a trial.


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