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Potter – Robert Anthony  - Photo.

Scout master pedophile gets more jail

August 22, 2008

A former Sydney scout master jailed for sexually abusing four boys will spend almost two more years in jail after admitting abusing another two victims.

Robert Anthony Potter, 66, was sentenced on Friday in the NSW District Court on five counts of indecent assault relating to offences committed between 1970 and 1986 on two boys aged as young as 14 years.

Judge Colin Charteris said Potter was about double the age of the first victim, identified only as RS, when the assaults occurred between 1970 and 1972.

Potter became friends with the family of RS, and the first assault involving masturbation and oral sex occurred in the family home’s darkroom, where Potter asked the victim to help him to develop some photographs.

Potter then told the victim: “A lot of people don’t understand what just happened in the darkroom … best to keep it to ourselves,” the judge said.

Over the next two years, up until RS turned 16, further acts occurred, sometimes at Potter’s Narwee home in Sydney south-west.

Judge Charteris said one occasion, when Potter had unprotected anal sex with the victim, it left RS in “considerable pain”.

In documents before the court, RS, now a gay man, said he suffered biological depression, had contemplated suicide and found it difficult to get close to others.

Judge Charteris commended RS for coming forward after he had heard about Potter’s 2005 sentencing on 18 similar charges against four boys aged 13 to 16 years.

“His character has consistently declared itself from 1970 up until the last offence of 2002 to be … deliberate, persistent, planned and premeditated behaviour,” Judge Charteris said.

“The offender over many years has displayed a deviate sexual interest in under-aged boys and has failed to acknowledge it.”

It was recommended Potter undertake specialist counselling in prison.

Potter was originally jailed until June 2011, but will now be eligible for parole on March 5, 2013.

Former scout master jailed for sexually abusing boys

Updated Mon Dec 12, 2005 5:01pm AEDT

A former Sydney scout master has been sentenced to a maximum of eight years in jail for sexually abusing teenage boys who were in his care.

The sentence has been welcomed by his victims.

Robert Anthony Potter pleaded guilty to 18 charges of sexually assaulting four teenage boys between 1978 and 2002.

The District Court heard three of the victims knew Potter through his role as a scout master at Narwee in Sydney’s south-west.

In sentencing in the District Court today, Judge Robyn Tupman said the 57-year-old had abused his position in the scouting movement to meet and groom his victims for his sexual needs.

She imposed a total overall sentence of eight years in jail, which was welcomed by one of the victims.

A man who was abused by the scout leader in the 1970’s has urged other victims of child sexual abuse to come forward.

The 43-year-old man, who cannot be identified, says he hopes the sentence will encourage other sufferers of child abuse to contact police.

“If you have been abused by anybody, be it your school teacher, your scout leader, your music teacher, your football coach, tell somebody, you’ve done nothing wrong,” he said.

“Whether you’re a little six-year-old kid watching this on the telly or whether you’re 47, 50.”

Potter will be eligible for parole in 2011.



Daily Telegraph   -  August 4, 2005

Daily Telegraph – August 4, 2005

Scout master arrested for child sex offence charges

Posted Sat Jun 21, 2003 2:46pm AEST

A 55-year-old scout master from Sydney has appeared before Parramatta Bail Court charged with a number of child sex offences dating back to 1999.

Robert Anthony Potter, from the south-western suburb of Narwee, faced court today on charges including the aggravated indecent assault of a child under 16, acts of indecency on a child under 16, as well as several fire arm offences.

He has been refused bail and is due to appear in court next week.

Meanwhile Graham Barquanna from the Scout Association of New South Wales says they are meeting with police to provide any information required.

“We are considered as one of the leading organisations, volunteer organisations in terms of our screening procedures, the prohibitive employment declaration legislation as well as the police check,” he said.


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