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Father of two caught in bed with girl, 15, by his wife, court told

  • by: Tony Keim
  • From: The Courier-Mail
  • May 24, 2012 1:41PM

A MARRIED father of two’s forbidden love affair with a young girl less than half his age was exposed when his wife found the pair in bed together, a court has been told.

The Brisbane Supreme Court was told Nigel Jon Peterman, then aged 31, did little to hide his relationship with his 15-year-old girlfriend – who became his live-in lover once his wife left the marital home.

Lawyers for Peterman said the 14-month romance with the teenager was a relatively normal relationship akin to an ordinary married couple.

“(Peterman) wasn’t an old man going around preying on young girls,” Barrister Mal Harrison said.

“It was an otherwise (normal) relationship similar to an ordinary marital relationship … (and) beyond (just) sex and drugs.”

Peterman, now aged 33, was today jailed for four years after pleading guilty to 15 offences, including maintaining a sexual relationship with a child and supplying her the dangerous drug methamphetamine – known on the street as speed.

Other offences included seven counts of unlawful carnal knowledge and five of indecent treatment of a child, including taking an offensive photograph.

Justice Peter Lyons was told Peterman’s illicit and illegal sexual relationship with the girl would have apparent to the child’s carers – who did nothing to intervene.

“(Those who cared about the girl) had to know about the relationship. She was living with Peterman,” Justice Lyons said.

Prosecutor Philip McCarthy said the illegal affair came to the attention of police when the girl notified them Peterman had threatened to publish compromising photographs online after they broke up.

He said the couple’s relationship, six months of which was illegal, continued for a further eight months after she turned 16 – the legal age of consent.

The court was told Peterman’s marriage, which was already rocky, collapsed when his wife found him and the girl in bed at the family home.

Mr McCarthy said girl moved in and lived with Peterman once his wife and their children moved out.

He said Peterman continued to see the girl after being arrested and charged by police, and even supplied her with speed before taking her to the Cleveland Magistrates Court to complete an affidavit claiming they did not have sex before the girl turned 16.

“This is a grossly inappropriate relationship conducted by a grown man,” Mr McCarthy said.

Mr Harrison said: “This case is quite unique. (Peterman) should have known much, much better (than to be a relationship with the child).”

“She pursued the relationship as much as my client (Peterman) did. He has well and truly learned his lesson.”

Justice Lyons, in sentencing Peterman, said: “The relationship was not covert, so it cannot be said you preyed on this young girl.”

Justice Lyons sentenced Peterman, who has already spent eight months in pre-sentence custody, to four years’ jail.

However, he ordered the jail term be suspended immediately – leaving Peterman free to return to Victoria to live.


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