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Posted: April 16, 2013 by Serendipity in Queensland
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Man jailed over child porn haul

26th February 2010

A BUNDABERG man who was caught with more than 5,200 child porn images on his computer and discs was considered a low risk of conducting a sexual relationship with a child, a court heard yesterday.

Shane Matthew Petersen, 41, faced Bundaberg District Court on two charges of possessing child exploitation material and one of using the internet to access child exploitation material.

Commonwealth prosecutor Dearne Kraschnefski said police raided the 41-year-old carer’s home on April 22 and seized two computers and CDs that contained 5,219 photographs, videos, stories and animated pictures of children engaging in sexual activity with other children, adults and family members.

Ms Kraschnefski told the court the maximum penalty for using the internet in that way was 10 years in jail, but said she would seek an 18-month prison sentence.

“In accessing and possessing the material, he is participating in a market that is encouraging the exploitation of children,” Ms Kraschnefski said.

Defence counsel Julie Sharp told the court her client had undergone psychological testing, which found his lower-than-average intelligence had led to him suffering a number of disadvantages in his life.

“(The psychologist) assessed him as a low risk of carrying out any of the acts in the images he saw,” she said.

The court was told Petersen was also his 65-year-old mother’s sole carer.

Judge Keith Dodds said there was a “widespread public revulsion about this sort of material”.

He said in many ways this was a sad case but the only appropriate sentence was jail time.

He convicted and sentenced Petersen to 15 months’ jail for using the internet to access the porn and nine months’ for the two possession offences, to be served concurrently.

He will be released from prison in three months and will then be subject to a two-year probation.


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