When Luke Margaritis was 13, he had the excitement & joy of preforming in the opening & closing ceremonies of the 1982 Commonwealth Games in Brisbane.
What made him want to take away excitement, joy & hope from other teens?
  Margaritis – Luke Euthimios - Photo6
In 2002 he was a chaperone to Ducie High pupils as they practiced for Manchester 2002 Commonwealth Games.
Margaritis – Luke Euthimios - Photo5
In 1994, Margaritis took advantage of a 15-year-old student by giving him “a big cone” of marijuana before abusing him.
Margaritis – Luke Euthimios - Photo4
In 1995, Margaritis plied a 13 year old boy with drugs & alcohol before abusing him.
Margaritis – Luke Euthimios - Photo3
Both boys were students at St Edmund’s College.
Margaritis – Luke Euthimios - Photo2
In 2010/2011, he moved to a little tiny town in Norseman Western Australia where he continued to teach disadvantaged students aged 12 – 16.
Margaritis – Luke Euthimios - Photo
In 2013, he opened a coffee shop in Brisbane called Milk Espresso Bar & Tea House.
This teacher has been all around Europe teaching, including Dulcie High.
If you or anyone you know have been abused by this man, Please contact your local police.
Also see story at https://aussiesexoffenders.wordpress.com/2014/01/26/luke-euthimios-margaritis/


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  1. […] Luke Margaritis – World traveling teacher & convicted paedophile […]

  2. gary says:

    I can’t believe it!!!! He was my tutor and food tech teacher at school in Bedfont he was a great teacher can’t believe he was actually a paedophile

  3. fstar says:

    Does anyone know if this guy has been released on parole? Was due on 13th of this month

  4. fstar says:

    He’s out on parole, been seen in public.

  5. Sean says:

    He was a serial abuser during the 90s of teenage boys from the Ipswich area. I was a teenager at the time and experienced it. It was common knowledge in certain circles in brisbane back then as well and no one thought anything of it. The man even had the gaul to run for mayor of ipswich on the family values bandwagon. His arrogance knew no bounds. He was a tall handsome good looking and very charismatic guy in his mid 20s at the time with a great house and swimming pool and the kids thought he was great. Glad he got caught just a shame he was released so quickly.

    • fstar says:

      Sean where you a student at the school Luke was teaching at? So sorry to hear this has happened to you I wonder how many other boys have been abused wherever he went!

    • Dave says:

      Sean if you were abused then you should report it. The only way to guarantee the safety of other children is to have him behind bars. He drugged and took advantage of children, he should never be allowed to roam the streets.

      • Sean says:

        I’m not sure how easy it would be. From what I’m reading he has already admitted to abusing two students and it looks like he was still released. My story is a little different as i was not a student at st edmonds. I was a year 12 student at another school and was “introduced” to Luke. So i would say that my situation wouldn’t stand up in court. I know of one other person who was a student at st edmonds and was abused by luke at the age of 14-15. I am still in touch with him but he lives in london. I met up with him on a holiday there last year and he knows that luke was convicted and said he wouldn’t he won’t report it. I’m afraid he feels that he was partly responsible because he was in year 10.

        • David says:

          Sean, if you were under 18 it is illegal to engage in sex and use drugs. Without consent, this would be called rape at any age. Your friend was clearly under age at 14, and him feeling “partly responsible” is what pedophiles do, they groom their victims, they entice and corrupt. He admitted in the 2nd conviction to having gotten a grade 8 boy stoned and proceeded to perform oral sex on him. The boy woke up and demanded to be driven home. Luke threatened to murder him if he told. That’s a predator. That’s a threat to society, and he was doing that before age 25.

          Margaritis set his life up around abusing. He went straight from highschool to university to do a teaching degree. He got a job at an all boys school and moved within close proximity to the school. His house had drugs and porn to corrupt those he could entice back. Now he’s spent 2 years incarcerated with other pedophiles, probably trading stories and methods. I don’t trust him and anyone who has the ability to put him away should consider it their civic duty.

        • Fstar says:

          Hi Sean, consensual anal sex in Queensland is 18! So you and your friend were still minors.

        • Fstar says:

          Also other sexual behaviour is consensual at 16

        • Justice says:

          Was your friend in Year 10 in 1998?

          Do you and your friend deserve justice for what happened to you?
          Doesn’t anyone who has been abused by an adult deserve justice?

    • Jo says:

      Sean have you got help?
      Google “Complex PTSD” are you suffering any symptoms due to his abuse?
      Same for anyone else who has been abused by this man.
      Get a referral from your doctor to a Psychologist who deals with “complex PTSD”.
      Get a diagnosis and treatment and keep us informed.

  6. Fstar says:

    Yes Sean it’s up to you and your friend. What Dave is saying is correct, with the current climate of the Royal Commission into the Brisbane Boys Grammar horrendous situation these people need to be accountable for what they did. 2 years in prison isn’t enough punishment especially when he has ruined so many lives that we don’t know of.

    • David says:

      I suspect a former friend of mine was his victim. He was an outgoing, happy boy who often liked to use his charm to become teachers pet. But to a pedophile that would be considered flirting. Over the summer break something happened because he came back angry and dark. I spoke to him and he gave me a look like “why the fuck are you talking to me?”. Before Margo was even charged, I suspected that something happened between those two. He grew up to cut off anyone from his past and despite once being the most popular boy in my primary school, he has nothing to do with anyone who used to know him back then. I don’t know either way if he was a victim, but I heard in his late teens he was hitting the clubs with Margo, make of that what you will.

      • Sean says:

        Did your friend’s name start with N?

        • David says:

          No. I was wondering, besides you and your friend, how many do you personally know were involved with him?

          • Sean says:

            My friend went to st edmonds. Looking back I assume that I was his replacement. There were two boys from Ipswich Grammar who were also involved but I haven’t kept in touch with them. Tbh it was an 8 month period of my life that I moved away from and tried to forget about. It was only when luke was jailed that I looked back and realised what a nasty piece of work that man is. Glad he ended up in prison as he seriously thought nothing of it at the time. I was yr 12 and i did challenge him after I opened my eyes. He made out that all the teachers knew and by saying anything you’d just get expelled. Yes it sounds crazy now but at the time you just believed what you were told.

          • Fstar says:

            Sean that is terrible, I hope you are ok? Such a terrible thing to happen as a young person. He obviously was a predator and groomed you all for his own pleasure so wrong! No matter what fucked up thing might have happened to him or childhood it’s not an excuse. I just wonder how many others there are overseas in the UK that have been affected!

      • Jo says:

        Who was your friend and in what year did the abuse occur?
        Google “complex PTSD” symptoms
        Do you think your friend is suffering?
        Go to a doctor with him and get a referral to a Psychologist who deals with “complex PTSD” and get a diagnosis.
        Keep me informed

  7. David says:

    Well, I’m sure some teachers were suspicious of him and must have seen him fraternizing with students away from the classroom. But I broke the news to one of the teachers that he was incarcerated and he looked totally shocked and said “wow, I guess its true that you never know who it could be.” – – I think the signs were there but were ignored given his age and appearance. I do suspect that he was given a warning to get professional or leave as he went from looking casual to always wearing a shirt and tie (which no other teacher did) and seemed to be more distant from the students. It wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if the school covered up for him, it’s what Christian Brothers are good at.

  8. Jack says:

    Luke was my grade eight teacher in 1994 when all this was going on. There was no indication to me that he was sexually abusing fellow students. That said, he chose to reveal to the class that were he to die, they would have to ‘bury me in a white coffin’ because he was a virgin (his way of saying he wasn’t interested in girls?). He also said ‘If I’m not married by 30, I’ll become a Christian Brother’ (already thinking about how to keep his access to boys unhindered for life I suppose with no questions asked as to why he was single). He had a group of boys who used to just sit up front and chat to him, I wasn’t one of them: never liked the greasy guy and his inattention to his actual job. Luke was a lousy teacher, and had no interest in teaching math at all. Back then I thought he saw teaching as an easy pay check, for him to fund his BMW and investment properties. Now I know that it was that, but more so as a means of getting boys over his house, where he would drug and sexually assault them. Luke was good at keeping it all hidden though: as I said, no-one knew that we had a notorious pedophile sitting in our midst. If any of his victims are reading this, I urge you: please come forward and make a report to the police. The last guy who did so got Margo to plead guilty, which at least put him on the record as a pedophile by his own admission. If others come forward, Margo will find himself back where he belongs: behind bars. This man is a psychopath, he is a predator, and your police report will not only help you get something off your chest, it will spare another 13 year old boy from being seduced and abused by this pervert. And that’s what you are Margo: you’re a dirty pervert.

    • Fstar says:

      Thanks for that insight Jack I too think that any other victims would benefit coming forward to get Margaritis back in jail. Just under two years for what he did destroying young boys/men’s lives wasn’t enough. He knew what he was doing.

    • Jo says:

      Totally agree.
      Is he a Serial Pedophile?

  9. Frank says:

    Looks like convicted child rapist “margo” is getting back into the coffee business. He just registered a new ABN for his latest venture “COFFEESMITHS High Brew”. Personally I wouldn’t feel right drinking his concoctions after he drugged kids to rape them.
    “Would you like amyl nitrite with that?”
    – Excuse me?
    “I mean sugar?”

  10. Justice says:

    Did the Christian Brothers pay out Luke Margaritis his long service leave after 6 years in 1998 and not 7 years? Did he then move to the UK?
    Did the Christian Brothers take out an Insurance policy on the Liability of Luke Margaritis around 2004? Did they consider him a serial paedophile?
    Was a teacher told by students in 1999 that Luke Margaritis had sold drugs and slept with male students? Did that teacher report it to the Queensland police in 1999 and saw a file 2 inches thick?
    Was a later police investigation into this matter in the 2000’s headed by a former student of the school?
    Did two teachers report what they knew to the Royal Commission, both to be told not to worry he got a two years jail?

    • fstar says:

      What? I know these are questions but if this is all true why was this not part of the Royal Commission! Disgusting! And that the cops had a file on him back in 1999!!!

      • Brother Magee was principal at the time when most of the abuse occured. What did he know and when did he know it? Something happened to make Margo leave and take off overseas…I suspect he was fired and fled the country, only to abuse boys in the UK….

        • Justice says:

          Why would the Brothers fire Luke Margaritis and let him go overseas and not get the police to prosecute him?

      • Justice says:

        These questions were sent to the Royal Commission.

        Was there a Police file in 1998 and why did Luke Margaritis leave during that year suddenly?
        Was this to get rid of the problem or did Luke Margaritis have something to bribe the Brothers with or both?
        Who knew about it in 1998 at St Edmunds College? Did Principal Ted Magee or Deputy Principal Trish Kinnane or Year 12 Vocational Co-ordinator Sheila Elvin know?

    • Tony says:

      I hope this wasn’t a case him being known as a pedophile but kept on regardless. I wouldn’t think that the then principal Brother Magee would have done that (he seemed like a no-nonsense guy) but then again, who knows? The Christian Brothers aren’t exactly the most reputable of organisations.

      I got the feeling in 1996 that Margaritis had been told to shape up or ship out as he started to dress in a shirt and tie (which no other teachers did) so I figured he must be trying to save his job.

      I was told in 1999 he got fired for having a relationship with a “senior” student. I have a feeling that they suspected him for years.

  11. Justice says:

    Who was the senior student?
    Who told you he was fired for sleeping with a senior student?

    Why did he go to the UK? Did he get his long service leave early after 6 years and not 7?

    How much have the Christian Brothers helped Victims in this case?
    Have they offered to pay any legal fees in cases against Luke Margaritis?
    Has Brother Ted Magee or any other member of staff been willing to testify in your cases?

  12. Decency says:

    Interesting how there are limited comments after these comments from this Justice person.
    Why are all these people defending Brother Magee?
    Why are they saying that Luke Margaritis was fired?
    Why wasn’t it mentioned before Justice’s comments that Luke Margaritis was fired by the Chrisitian Brothers?

  13. Alix says:

    F**K SAKE!! I met Luke here in the UK in 1998 (I was 16 at the time) and worked with him at Seattle Coffee and then Starbucks! He came across the a cool cat with no troubles in the world. Would tell stories of giving up his “millions” to start again in the UK…. he was mopping floors on minimum wage…. we became friends fast and would hang out at his Canary Wharf penthouse smoking weed…. not once did he ever come across as a dirty f**king nonce….never ever tried anything with me and actually told his gay mates to leave me well alone as I am not homosexual… the guy f**king protected me from gay advances for crying out loud!! In 2000 we had a stall together at the Notting Hill Carnival and made an absolute fortune…. then he we went cold and vanished…. have always wondered what happened to him…. spent 10 years wondering if he was ok and even on a business trip to Sydney 2 years ago I thought to look him up. Just moved house this week and found his old mobile number written on a card… hence why he jumped back into my mind… thought to just google his name this morning and I cant believe what I am reading….. dirty c*nt!! He has gone from a “friend” to somebody I want to destroy. I actively hunt paedophiles here in the UK and never in my life thought I would put somebody I know on my radar… Luke if you read this…. you know who I am (just think “perfection” and I am sure you will realise who I am), you have f**king let me down and destroyed innocent lives of children for your own sick needs! How f**king dare you! Nonce!! What really scares me is that maybe you were trying to groom me at the time but I didn’t fall for it did I? Maybe that’s why you went cold on me! Or was I too f**king old for you?? Always knew I’d find you one day but you have f**king broken me now that I have…. to think I called you a friend!! C**T!!!

    • Jack. says:

      You were probably too old for Margo: he liked his victims to be 12-14 years of age. Consider yourself lucky! And just so you know, he’s back in the coffee business, running another cafe.

    • Jo says:

      I am a teacher who worked with him in 98.
      I reported him to police when a student told me about him in 99.
      I moved to the UK in 2001.
      A former colleague found out where he was working in London as a teacher.
      I wrote to the Local Education Authority and School and asked them whether they had done an Australian police check on him.
      Queensland police said it would be on file if anyone from the UK did
      They must have as I think that was when he went to Manchester.
      I was rung by an Insurance Assessor for the Christian brothers in 2004 who was assessing the Liability of Luke Margaritis to them. The Assessor told me he was a serial pedophile.

  14. Jack. says:

    Luke is back in the coffee business, running a new cafe in the Brisbane/Ipswich area. People rave about his coffee…they have no idea that they are being served by a convicted pedophile who once threatened to kill a boy if he spoke to the police about drugging and sexually assaulting him. If he lived in America, he’d be in jail for the rest of his life. But that’s our system. In some ways I think it’s good that he’s busy, doing something with his life…on the other hand, I worry that he’s a monster, and that this is just another way for him to meet boys to groom and sexually abuse.

    • Concerned says:

      The cafe is around south west side of Brisbane. On the way to Ipswich I hibknits a one man band. So as you said Jack let’s hope he’s busy and not into grooming. Alix y s you may have been too old and not from a broken / dysfunctional family to be able to groom. I think you are the first person from the U.K. to comment here? I think we all wonder if the abuse continued when he was in the U.K.?

      • Jack says:

        I know where it is, the address, the opening hours, everything. I’m not going to post it here, because I don’t want someone going to jail for taking matters into their own hands.

      • UK2AU says:

        I also knew Luke in the UK – later on in the mid 2000s. We were in a “relationship” for a while. As a lot of other people have mentioned, he came across as very charming, charismatic and confident – though my friends and family didn’t like him or the 15+ year age gap between us.

        Last I heard from him was in 2009. I’m guessing this was just before he moved to WA.

        He was still working as a teacher back then, as well as setting up other businesses. There were a few times that I thought something wasn’t quite right, but it wasn’t enough for me to suspect anything dangerous.

        I remember him telling me about this one kid that he was teaching who was openly gay and was always flirting with him, so he’d flirt back and tell sex jokes to make all the boys laugh. I was shocked, but he brushed it off as being the “cool teacher”. He’d already said the kids he used to teach in Australia had all admired him and wanted to hang-out with him all the time after school. He prided himself a lot on gaining the boys’ affections and clearly lacked boundaries with them.

        Finding out that the whole time we were together he’d had this sick past makes me shudder. What’s worse is to see him just continuing to go about his business, his cafe getting 5-star reviews from unsuspecting customers, given the damage he’s done to other people.

        • Concerned says:

          Wow it’s sort of unbelievable isn’t it? Interesting that you were 15+ years younger. I wonder if he dates anyone around his age or older…

          Since the word is getting out more around the UK I wonder if more victims will come forward from there?

        • Jack says:

          you were lovers with a convicted child sex offender, who groomed, drugged and sexually assaulted 13 year old boys. You must have looked younger than your 20 or so years, if he was interested in you.

  15. UK2AU says:

    I came across this website because I was watching ‘Neighbours’ with a friend and the character ‘Karl Kennedy’ reminded me of Luke, so I Googled him.

    It’s clear from the number of comments that a lot of other people also Googled his name, for whatever reason. After all, this isn’t a website that you’d stumble upon by accident.

    If you were abused or have relevant information, please report it.


    As Kendrick Lamar would say DAMN! I just wish that all of the comments about Luke Margaritis, from this site could be condensed into the one story or into the one comment string somehow? I’m giving myself away by saying I am the one that got him via a pretext phone call. Was I in Norseman? HELL NO! It took a few nights to get him, but I did, and I had to do it ALL ON MY OWN! The police could not tell me what or when or how to say anything, they could not even be in the same room, all they could do was give his mobile phone number registered in his own name! That’s what really helped convict him, his own perverse vanity that I would be calling him because I had tracked him down because I had heard of his published and photographed, Australian Day reward that he had received in Norseman for his “great community work”, the contents of that disgusting phone call, being just another reason why the jury only took a few hours to help deliver a GUILTY verdict! I had to pretend to be his “old buddy” and get him to admit what he did to me in 1995, which he did, but I never knew what effect that call would have on me! I saw a doco on Lateline I think it was recently about these calls and the effects they have on the caller. I’m just glad but also really really sad that none of the comments have even come close to “making me” as THE BOY who got him convicted, Luke knows, so whatever, if he reveals me while on parole or after in anyway, he will be in more legal trouble. I had to break my whole code of not trusting the police and convince myself that the TASKFORCE ARGOS cops were really on my side, he ended up getting my whole criminal history as part of his defence, but all he could use was something from 7 years earlier, a shoplifting offence to try and throw me off. They used this during my testimony, as halfway through it the jury and I were excused because they are only allowed to use the last 5 years of your current criminal history, of which I had none, but they debated over it and let my last 7 years of criminal history, be used as a way to try and derail me and get me off my statement, so an extra 2 years. They still were able to bring up my drug history and all the things that had happened to me, Luke knows everything about me, any charges brought against me whether convicted or not, because for some reason the POLICE have to be an OPEN BOOK about the accuser’s life but don’t have to do the same for me! LUKE KNOWS EVERYTHING ABOUT ME BECAUSE I STRUGGLED AFTER EVERYTHING, I WAS A FUCKING POS JUNKIE, I HAD A CRIMINAL RECORD. I remember looking at LUKE as he wouldn’t look at me and I SAID I OBJECT & the judge instructed me only the DPP, the Crown working my case, could object and I even said something to the jury, which the JUDGE instructed I couldn’t say, even any witness or while the phone tape was being played, we had to do it all while no other witness’ were in the court room so if they tried to go for a mistrial, they couldn’t bring up any contamination of witness’ so yeah and then I finished my testimony and looked each and every one of the jury members in the eye, whilst trying to do so, it was hard but I tried to look at them as I said the horrible things he did to me to prove it was an act of “MAINTAINING A SEXUAL RELATIONSHIP WITH A CHILD UNDER THE AGE OF 16”. I was firm in the fact that I would NOT SWEAR ON A BIBLE, rather I would give MY AFFIRMATION, & LUKE cowered behind his Barrister and lawyer behind them in a seat separate from his counsel, and he started jiggling his leg like he used to do as a teacher after that! Also in the end he was instructed by his counsel, that the only way for him to “get out of this” was to swear on a bible and try and play down the pre text phone call & use his “charm” to sway the jury! I accidentally walked into the court room, and he looked at me, his face went a shade of red, I turned and walked away as we thought he was going to remain silent and not take the stand.
    I struggled with it and still do! People like “AG” who was often present with me in 1995 when the offending took place, gave a statement almost exactly similar to mine from 1995, but wouldn’t sign it for whatever his reasons where, maybe he thought I had done enough to bring MARGARITIS down, maybe he just had a family situation where he was not ready! I do not blame him, but wish he would come forward, he was my best friend in 1995, even though he was in Year 10 as classes were mixed back then! It wasn’t just the drugs & alcohol & threats it was also free cigarettes that LUKE brought back from overseas, and I was able to pinpoint and remember where he went on his overseas middle of the year 1995 school holidays, which was of course on his passport, plus he gave ME/US money as well, the US was never bought up because like I said he didn’t want to get involved! I also got automatic VHA’s on assignments I never even handed in, shit there was one class on the demountable classrooms on the football oval that I walked up to him 10mins into the exam and just said “I guess I am so good I have finished the exam or you’ll just finish it for me Luke” as I handed him a blank exam with only my name and the date on it and told him to just “fill in the gaps for me, like you have always done” and this was the year after in 1996 after the abuse had run almost an entire year and been well and truly over when he was trying to divide me from my school friends and make me seem like a drug addicted loner that no one liked, mind you I got an academic award for my real work in the real subjects I took at the end of 1996. I was the boy that could master my schoolwork and somehow be friends with everyone and also have the girls from St. Mary’s like me as well, I was in relationships with girls from St Mary’s high that you would know their names, some of the “popular” girls from 94-97! You have to remember years 8-10 we’re all mixed units of subjects, where you could take say 3 units of maths in one term and be done for it in the year (Margaritis never taught Maths)
    Anyway and I quote, “Who knew about it in 1998 at St Edmunds College? Did Principal Ted Magee or Deputy Principal Trish Kinnane or Year 12 Vocational Co-ordinator Sheila Elvin know?” Ms Elvin pressed me hard at the end of Year 10, and also at my two attempts at Year 11 about how I had gone from being a high achieving , well attending student to being a drop out, but I never said anything because LUKE had turned me into something I wasn’t and who would of believed me back then, Br. Magee was at my trial but was never called to testify, but had the audacity to shake my hand and say, “best of luck and I’m so…(I think he meant to say sorry), but pulled away and said…”I’m hopeful this works out for you and you get closure”) WTF?! Trish Kinnane was also there but not needed as a witness in my trial, but I saw her and when the whole group of witness’ and Margaritis realised it was me, the look on their faces, was like “Wow, so that’s what happened to him”, it was fucking priceless as my ex Mrs was there, the mother of my 2 children, right by my side, she knew and was a witness for me. FFS Br. Magee and all them teachers plus more used to let me go smoke cigarettes during year 10/11/11 after everything happened in year 9. They molly coddled me, because I was changing into a different human being! I had become a kick arse and take names sort of person, you owed me for weed, you’d get bundled up in the toilets, you fucked with my GF, especially as her next door neighbour, you got pinned against a fucking wall and then I would fuck one of your mate’s GF’s… No one fucked with me, or if they did I had my 1994 group of friends, my 1995 group of friends & then my current 1996 group of friends that were all mixed. I also had my 2nd older brother’s group of friends! SO ANY OF YOU SLEUTHS GETTING ANY CLOSER? You would of never picked it was me! You cunts! Fuck you! And my brother I speak of put Mick Twomey behind bars when no one else would come forward and support him, like they wouldn’t support me!

    Who is he https://www.qt.com.au/news/apn-ex-principal-guilty-of-sex/83139/ He was the headmaster of St Edmund’s Primary College Years 1-7 before they changed to St. Mary’s Primary school just down the road, it was mixed boy/girl school that I also went through but it dropped the Edmund’s name when I was in Year 3 I think

    Twomey didn’t have the best barrister’s & lawyers like MR MARGO had but my brother also had to make a pre text call after he had recovered from psychosis, of which I had also suffered, and made a pre text call to Twomey while I was in the “2005 prime of my life denial” with my fiancée and my first child soon on the way!

    Ex-principal guilty of sex charges
    3rd Sep 2005 8:00 AM
    A FORMER Ipswich school principal has been jailed for two years after pleading guilty to 14 counts of indecent dealing.
    Michael James Twomey, now 63, was teaching principal at St Edmund’s Primary School (now known as St Mary’s Primary School) in 1990 when he organised a “brown-eye” competition at a Year 7 camp, Ipswich District Court heard yesterday.
    He “groomed” boys, giv-ing them alcohol and allowing them to smoke cigarettes, Judge Deborah Richards said in sentencing.
    The “series of sexual offences” happened over 12 months, in 1990 and 1991.
    The complainant, who was aged 11 and 12 at the time, was a student. Twomey was his principal and maths teacher.
    At least five times the complainant, then in Years 7 and 8, went to Twomey’s house with other boys where they were shown pornographic movies and asked to masturbate.
    Twomey also twice masturbated.
    Judge Richards said she accepted Twomey was remorseful and of good character (given references from students and community leaders), but the incidents were not isolated and he had been in a position of trust.
    She sentenced him to two years’ jail, to be suspended after eight months.
    A conviction was recorded.

    My god it feels good to speak up. My brother & I have been looking into writing a book or a screenplay, but these things that have also happened to my second eldest brother, and my eldest brother, who is estranged from the family is just too hard. I have a family of 2 brothers and 2 sisters and my brother’s have suffered as well, my eldest not ever going for the jugular as he is from the even older cover ups of the early – mid 80’s and very successful in life if you go by monetary and status symbols, but failed in so many other ways. He attended St Edmunds as well, both primary & secondary during the reign of one or two brothers, being the end & beginning of certain Principal Brothers! He won’t speak of it, my eldest brother that is, because I think one of the brother’s is either now dead or has been disgraced after moving to an ACT Christian Brother’s School. It’s all in the Spotlight movie, just watch the last few pages of the amount of schools they uncovered and they separated their Christian Brother’s schools for “tax reasons”, but we all know it was liability reasons and for insurance!
    It is systemic abuse, simple, but some people either black it out, have too much to lose in their current life by coming forward or are silent for their own reasons. I would love if this site could make a listing for my 2nd eldest brother about the primary school headmaster / principle Michael James Twomey, now 63, charges just so that is recognised, who knows what other people may come forward and comment on it! I could drop a lot of AB BC DE sort of first and last names of people I definitely know of or had been abused but that would not be fair! All I know is that there was a LOT of abuse around a 3-5 km radius of our lovely old Mary Street & the St Edmund’s Colleges’ the motto of which was MOTTO – Possunt Quia Posse Videntur = They can because they think they can
    And I could grab a bunch of deuteronomy verses that are so fucking broad they forgive you all, but you will not pass through to heaven, nor will you see hell, you can keep praying ang praying and you will just be hopefully stuck in a looping limbo you sick ass motherfuckers! I thank you all at AUSSIE CRIMINALS AND CROOKS FOR THE WORK THAT YOU DO, IF THIS IS THE LAST THING I EVER WRITE JUST KNOW THAT I SHOUT YOU A THOUSAND GLASSES OF WINE/AND OR BEER FOR ALL OF THE WORK THAT YOU DO FOR THE LIVING & DAMAGED HERE, ESPECIALLY YOU ROBBO!

    SO have any of you pegged who I am yet?
    LUKE changed my personality
    LUKE ruined what I could have become
    Anyone else out there got the balls to come forward, or are you just going to let him be, he’s done his jail sentence and he served his couple of years.

    • Jack says:

      I was in grade 8 in 1994, in Margo’s home-room class…I left the end of Grade 10…I haven’t figured out who you are…(does your name start with an L?) But that’s absolutely terrible that you and your brothers suffered abuse at the hands of these monsters. I knew back then that abuse had happened back in the 60s or 70s…but thought that because we all knew about it, that it wouldn’t be happening anymore. I’m sorry for what you have been through. You were failed by an institution that was supposed to espouse Christian values. But let’s face it: St. Edmund’s wasn’t Christian in the slightest. They even taught that the Bible was fiction. They destroyed a lot of people’s faith (thankfully, they didn’t take my soul). I think that other victims should come forward, if that’s what the feel would help them. Margo has been convicted by a court of law, he has served a prison sentence, and he is now a registered sex offender. He pled guilty for the other victim who came forward, and while that didn’t result in any additional jail time, at least it put him on the record as a self confessed pedophile. His name is mud forever. You’ve done your part. A very important part, and I’m proud of you for having the courage to do that. You are still young, you still have a long life ahead of you, and I hope that you can let go of this trauma and find some inner peace. Don’t allow those few years to define you as a human being. Practice meditation–it’s a fact that it can re-wire the brain. You can get back who you were. And you can still make the most of your life. I wish you the best.

    • Jo says:

      This is terrible all you went through. My deepest sympathy and concern goes to all his victims.
      I taught with Margaritis in 1998. I reported him to police in 1999 after he had left the country and a student felt comfortable to tell someone what had happened. Did the Christian Brothers pay his Long Service Leave after 6 years instead of 7 to get rid of the problem? Did he have something on them so they would support him?
      I was rung by an insurance assessor for the Christian Brothers in 2004 and the assessor said he was ringing me for my closure on the issue. In the 2 hours he told me a lot of things. He said that he believed that Luke was a Serial Pedophile and that many former students couldn’t prosecute because like you they had police records or them and their families were homophobic and wouldn’t want the publicity. The insurance assessor was assessing the liability for the Christian Brothers of Luke Margaritis. He also said that Sheila Elvin and Trish Kinnane knew but of course he didn’t say Ted Magee did.
      I reported Margaritis and what happened to the Royal Commission and received a letter to say that he had been prosecuted and got a year and so I should be happy. To me that is not JUSTICE for all the victims.
      You have the right to be angry about this situation. I still am. I hope you can get more justice and find some people.

    • Concerned says:

      I am so so sorry that this happened to you. It’s horrible to imagine what you went through in your life. Such a brave person to get through life and confront your abuser. Keep up your courage don’t ever give up on yourself none of this was your fault.

    • Jo says:

      Hi I would like to say how sorry I am that LM did this to you.
      Please google “complex PTSD” symptoms.
      If you have a lot and I am sure you do please go to a Doctor who you can trust and get a referral to a Psychologist who diagnoses and treats “complex PTSD”. Also ask the Psychologist if they are catholic or not.
      Please get a diagnosis and treatment
      Let us know how you go.

  17. Peter says:

    Margo was a nice teacher. I enjoyed his art classes. He sucked at maths though 🙂 Hopefully he’s gotten some help for his demons and can be the best version of himself that he knows he can be.

    • Jack says:

      Nice teacher? Any niceness about him was an act by a predator who drugged and sexually abused children. And pedophiles never cease being pedophiles. He remains a threat to society.

      • Anon says:

        Nice teacher? Ok you were a kid at the time. How do you know you weren’t being groomed? He knew right from wrong. He says he was abused when he was young but it’s still no excuse to then repeat the abuse.

        • Jo says:

          Is Peter actually Luke Margaritus?
          Who else could justify abusing kids as fighting his demons?
          Didn’t he get to leave Australia and his crimes in 1998 due to this allegation of abuse as a child?
          Shame more victims can’t come forward and get him back in jail.

  18. Jack says:

    Pedophiles don’t “fight their demons”, they are demons. Because more than use the bodies of children, they destroy their souls.

    • Heath says:

      All you guys attacking Margo need to check yourselves. Margo is a legend: he helped me deal with my sexuality issues, accompanied me through the journey of self-identity. Guess what: I’m a survivor. Most gay teens kill themselves.But thanks to Margo, a lot of Eddies boys made it through. Margo for Mayor!

      • Anon says:

        Is that you Luke? Are you for real? Put yourself in the other boys/men’s shoes he destroyed their lives! And did it on purpose! He knew he did wrong. I think you need to rethink your post and apologise to those men who have been abused.

      • Jo says:

        So are you Heath who used to swim back in 98?
        Great if you are able to come out.
        But isn’t he Serial Pedophile who drugs young males under the age of consent and needs to pay for his crimes?
        Don’t he and the Christian Brothers who protected him need to be punished?
        Hasn’t he caused a lot of trauma with his abuse?

      • Jo says:

        So are you Heath who used to swim back in 98?
        Great if you are able to come out.
        But isn’t he Serial Pedophile who drugs young males under the age of consent and needs to pay for his crimes?

  19. Heath says:

    Margo never abused me. I was in his class. Never saw one iota of evidence of abuse. Not the Margo I knew. What if he’s the victim? Royal Inquest please! (BTW: I’m not the swimfactory dude)

    • Anon says:

      Heath for one second stop thinking about yourself and put yourself in the victims shoes or maybe you can’t? Just because it didn’t happen to you or want evident doesn’t mean it didn’t happen! I know he did wrong and I also know he knows he did wrong. Have some empathy for the victims!

    • Anon says:

      PS we know Luke was abused when he was young and tried to commit scuicide. But why, why I dint understand do you then abuse?

      • Heath says:

        Margo might have made that story up during sentencing to get a lighter sentence? Or maybe it did happen, and it warped his sexuality? Whatever the case, I never saw him abuse. I’m not saying that he didn’t, I’m just saying that I never did see it.

        • Jo says:

          I was told back in 99 that Luke Margaritis had something on the Brothers. I have an email confirming it from a staff member years later. I assumed it was that he’d been abused. This was when he left Australia and went to live in the UK suddenly in 98. I was teaching at the school in 98 and 99. The next year I was told by a student that he’d sold students drugs and slept with them. When I went to Queensland Police they had a file inches thick.
          In 2004 I was rung by an Insurance Assessor for the Christian Brothers. The Assessor called him a Serial Pedophile. Anyone who has been abused please get help for C-PTSD. When they eventually pay you abused victims compensation after the Royal Commission please make sure you get your share or maybe you can get more if the Christian Brothers have an Insurance Policy on him.

          • Heath says:

            So you keep telling us!

          • Jo says:

            I want justice for the victims of this injustice Heath.

          • Anon says:

            So do I Jo justice for the victims. Heath just because you didn’t witness any abuse doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

          • Jo says:

            Why is Heath even on this page on this page supporting this pedophile?
            Isn’t this site for victims of abuse and their supporters?
            It isn’t fair on the victims you saying all this Heath haven’t they been through enough?
            Abusers make a choice don’t they?

          • Anon says:

            Yes I agree Jo, even if Luke was abused and tried to commit suicide she younger he still had a choice when he was an adult to NOT abuse young boys like himself and make them suffer. Health you are entitled to your opinion which you have made many times on this site. It is now becoming offensive to those who have been abused and their supporters.

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