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Man jailed for viewing child porn


05 May, 2012 04:00 AM

HE did not make child porn, share it or pay for any of the images he downloaded.

But Supreme Court Justice Peter Evans said Kevin Charles Rose, 46, caused harm by the sheer number of images and stories he viewed.

“Largely because of the very substantial number of children who must have been exploited in the process of the creation of the many images accessed by the defendant, I consider that an immediately effective sentence of imprisonment is necessary,” Justice Evans said.

Rose was jailed for six months yesterday after pleading guilty in the Supreme Court in Launceston on Thursday to accessing and possessing child pornography.

The court heard Rose viewed child pornography for an hour a day in the three years before police searched his house on December 20, 2011.

He told police that he downloaded and saved about 4 per cent of what he viewed, or 15 images, two or three times a week during that period.

Commonwealth prosecutor Elizabeth Curtis said that based on Rose’s own admissions it could be estimated that he had viewed tens of thousands of images.

“I should say at the outset that I reject the defendant’s claim to police that he obtained no sexual gratification from viewing the pornographic material,” Justice Evans said yesterday.

Police found 12 images and 16 text documents depicting child exploitation in the search of Rose’s home.

Justice Evans said the text documents, which amounted to 116 pages, were “very depraved”.

“I recognise however that the generation of the stories, unlike the images, did not involve exploiting children,” he said.

Rose was jailed for six months.

His name will be placed on the sex offenders register for five years when he is released from custody.


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Jeffrey Rosenstrauss jailed for indecent assault of a child

24 Feb 11 @ 04:35pm by by Margaret Rice

AN Eastern Suburbs businessman, Jeffrey Stanley Rosenstrauss, was sentenced to three years in prison in the District Court on Friday, February 18, on four counts of indecent assault against a child under the age of 16.

Mr Rosenstrauss’s sentence included a non-parole period of two years.

Mr Rosenstrauss, who pleaded guilty, was accused of perpetrating the assaults between May 1975 and May 1981.

In the first incident, he assaulted the victim, who was a family friend, while walking through a school ground with her.

In the second incident, he assaulted her in the back of a Kombi van.

The third incident occurred in the bedroom of Mr Rosenstrauss’s daughters, and a later incident occurred at a Bondi squash club.

Mr Rosenstrauss told the court he was a property valuer who did ­volunteer work helping administer the Rebecca L Cooper Medical Research Foundation and was also the secretary of the Eastern Suburbs Motor Cycle Club.

The age of the victim at the time the incidents occurred was disputed, with the victim claiming she was between five and six years old at the time and Mr Rosenstrauss claiming she was closer to nine or 10.

Evidence was given that when the victim reported the abuse to the police in June 2009, they arranged for her to make a set of telephone calls to Mr Rosenstrauss, who immediately admitted the offences.

Judge Peter Berman questioned whether Mr Rosenstrauss would have been able to achieve a lifetime of work and service to the medical foundation if his offences had been known to the community.

The victim told the Wentworth Courier she was relieved the case was over and Mr Rosenstrauss had been sent to prison.

“It doesn’t change my life, but I feel justice has been served,” she said.

She said the assaults had an impact on her life and in her twenties she had left Sydney to live overseas so she could distance herself from the experience.


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Church member abused girls

Article from: Herald Sun

Katie Bice

December 21, 2007 12:00am

A TRUSTED church member handed himself into police and admitted to sex crimes against children dating back 30 years, a court has heard.

David Rosenstrauss, 57, was yesterday sentenced in the County Court to two years’ jail after pleading guilty to sexually assaulting six young girls.

The court heard Rosenstrauss walked into Frankston police station in May, telling them he had been offending since 1977.

But he was able to provide information for police to sustain only nine charges, including one of sexual penetration of a child under 16 and five of indecent acts.

Rosenstrauss made admissions to his wife and began to record his memory of the offences in a diary before being convinced to go to police.

The court heard the offences happened between November 1983 and February 2002 on girls aged five to 14.

He came in contact with at least one of the girls through a Bible study group.

Judge Frances Millane said none of the victims had made formal complaints, one could not be found and others had no memory of the offences.

“What is particularly unusual in your case is that you outed yourself as a sexual offender,” the judge said.

“In keeping with your Christian values, you now seek to purge your conscience by seeking treatment and punishment.”

Rosenstrauss would rub his hands over the girls when he picked them up, had them sitting on his lap or was swimming with them, the court heard.

He told police he got a “thrill” out of the experiences but later felt “rotten to the core”.

Judge Millane said Rosenstrauss had breached the trust and respect of the church parish by abusing girls.

But she said he now had a high level of victim empathy and was unlikely to offend again.

Rosenstrauss was jailed for a maximum of 3 1/2 years.

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Attacks on two brothers

16/10/2009 12:21:00 AM

A FORMER Ballarat man has been registered as a sex offender for life and jailed for molesting two young brothers almost a decade ago.

In the County Court at Ballarat yesterday, Glen Francis Roberts, 51, was convicted and sentenced to three years’ jail.

Last week he pleaded guilty to two counts of committing an indecent act with a child under 16. The charges related to the sexual assault of two brothers, who cannot be named, on two occasions near Ballarat in 2000.

The sentence is Roberts’ second jail term in four years for child sex offences. In 2005, he was sentenced to 12 years’ imprisonment for the sexual assault of children in South Australia.

These offences took place between 2001 and 2004.

The court had been told Roberts inappropriately touched one of the boys while his brother slept in the same room. Roberts told the boy, who tried to push him away, that he would kill him if he told anyone about the incident.

In a separate incident, Roberts inappropriately touched the other boy and told him he would punch his head in if he told anyone about it.

Judge Jeanette Morrish, in sentencing Roberts, described him as a serious sex offender. She said it was vital to protect the community from this type of behaviour.

“Both (victims) were under the age of 10. You were in a position of trust and grossly abused it,” Judge Morrish said.

She said Roberts must be registered as a sex offender for the rest of his life because he had previously committed eight sexual offences against a child.

Judge Morrish directed that one year of the jail term be served concurrently with Roberts’ present sentence.

He will be eligible for parole in May, 2013.

Man groomed girl, 14, for sex

Andrew Korner | 19th May 2009

A SEX offender’s conversion to Christianity has helped spare him from a jail sentence for the abuse of two Ipswich girls.

Brett Richard Ritchie, 40, committed sexual offences against two girls aged 14 and 13 at Redbank Plains.

Ipswich District Court heard Ritchie, who was known to both his victims, had spent weeks grooming the 14-year-old for sex.

Prosecutor Stephan McMurray said Ritchie had constantly asked the girl to have sex with him, also suggesting she write him “dirty” letters.

Ritchie finally had sexual intercourse with the girl at a sleepover party on September 10, 2000.

Earlier in the same year, Ritchie molested the 13-year-old girl on two occasions.

The court was told Ritchie had fled in 2001, but now pleaded guilty to a charge of carnal knowledge with a child under 16 and two counts of indecent treatment of a child under 16.

Mr McMurray asked Judge Greg Koppenol to consider a jail term for the offences.

But defence barrister Geoff Seaholme said his client – who now lives in Shepparton, Victoria – was a “changed man”, free of the drug and alcohol addiction that once ruled his life.

At one stage, defence counsel claimed, Ritchie had an $800 a day drug habit involving cannabis, methylamphetamine and cocaine.

Ritchie could not remember committing the offences against the two young girls, Mr Seaholme said.

In 2002 he gave up drugs and became a Christian, eventually gaining qualifications as a counsellor to those who were addicted to drugs and alcohol.

“Had this man appeared before Your Honour nine years ago, you might have seen a completely different man,” Mr Seaholme said.

“He has gone from being a drug and alcohol dependent person to someone who now helps others with drug and alcohol dependency.”

In sentencing, Judge Koppenol said it was important to remember the devastating, lasting effect Ritchie’s actions would have on his victims.

Those who sexually abused young children, Ritchie was reminded, should ordinarily expect to spend time behind bars.

But Judge Koppenol found there was adequate proof that Ritchie had changed.

Ritchie was sentenced to 12 months jail, wholly suspended for 18 months.

South Coast man jailed for child abuse images


30/01/2009 4:00:00 AM

A South Coast architect caught with “degrading and disturbing” images of child pornography was sentenced to nine months’ weekend detention in Wollongong Local Court yesterday.

Magistrate Ian Guy said it was distressing that children were being emotionally and physically abused to feed a market for people whose sexual appetites had “descended to such a base level”.

Among the 381 images found on the work computer of Douglas John Riley were photographs depicting sexual intercourse between adults and young girls, and sexual activity between children.

The children in the pictures ranged in age from one to 16 years.

Mr Guy said: “Possession of this material will not be tolerated.

“It is not a victimless crime.”

He said while the 38-year-old was not the one sexually abusing the children, he was among those creating a market for others to do so.

In an earlier court appearance, Riley had said he had a compulsion to view child pornography.

However, Mr Guy said: “He is a well-educated man who understood the criminality of his actions.”

Australian Federal Police officers raided Riley’s Vincentia home in June and the court heard yesterday that Riley was co-operative.

Mr Guy said Riley’s criminal behaviour was out of character, however, he could not suspend a jail sentence as it was important to send a message of deterrence.

Riley was sentenced to a minimum of four months’ weekend detention.


Riddle – Garry John - Photo

Convicted pedophile Gary John Riddle goes to school ball

  • By Christie Peucker
  • Geelong Advertiser
  • September 04, 2009 11:01AM

CONVICTED pedophile Gary John Riddle attended a teenage debutante ball at the weekend, outraging parents from Geelong’s Christian College and crime-victim advocates.

People from the close-knit private school were horrified on Saturday night to see the registered sex offender seated at a table with his brother school principal Daryl and extended family just metres from teenage girls, the Geelong Advertiser Reports.

Crime-victim advocates were also shocked at the bad taste shown by the school, calling for an investigation into how a convicted sexual predator was allowed into the year 11 event at the Arena.

Parents are now questioning whether the school breached its duty of care to the students.

Gary Riddle was charged with 14 counts of indecent assault against nine girls aged eight to 16, between 1971 and 1989, and was sentenced to five years in prison in 2002. The assaults took place in his role as a primary school teacher, sports coach and church youth group leader. In sentencing, Justice Alex Chernov said his actions were predatory.

The school yesterday confirmed Gary Riddle was seated at the event with wife Janine, a teacher at Christian College junior school, Daryl’s wife Debbie, also a teacher at the junior school, his brother Stephen Riddle, who is principal of the junior school and his wife Heather, an administration assistant at the school’s middle school campus.


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