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Posted: April 6, 2014 by Serendipity in NSW, Photo
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Outrage over bailed predator

By Viva Goldner, Court Reporter

October 24, 2006 12:00

HIS face twisted in rage, this is the moment a paedophile was put where he should have been a day before – behind bars.

Just hours after The Daily Telegraph revealed convicted child-sex offender Graham Edward Pollard had been released on bail, the State Parole Authority yesterday moved to overturn the court’s decision.

Pollard, 43, was taken in handcuffs from a western Sydney courthouse, bound for jail.

The Blacktown storeman was arrested on Saturday and charged with two counts relating to the alleged indecent assault of an eight-year-old girl last month.

The offence was allegedly committed just months after Pollard was paroled in June, after serving two years for the aggravated indecent assault of a five-year-old girl.

After spending one night in custody, Pollard walked from Parramatta Bail Court on Sunday after registrar Mariaelena Albu granted him bail, despite the “strong objections” of police. The SPA yesterday issued a warrant for Pollard’s re-arrest – effectively overturning the registrar’s decision.

Justice Minister Tony Kelly said Pollard’s parole was revoked because he was deemed, “unable to adapt to normal community living”.

Pollard appeared at Blacktown Local Court yesterday and pleaded not guilty to the alleged offences. A warrant for his arrest was then served from the bench.

A clearly unimpressed Pollard struggled as he was restrained, swearing and spitting at reporters as he was led to police holding cells.

Pollard – who was remanded in custody to reappear in December – was expected to be transferred to jail last night.

Mr Kelly said the latest charges were sufficient grounds for the SPA to cancel his parole.

“(Yesterday) morning, the State Parole Authority considered this issue in light of the fact that we requested that it be done as soon as possible and decided to revoke his parole,” Mr Kelly said.

“A warrant for his re-arrest was drawn and was issued.”

Police allege Pollard preyed on the young daughter of a friend while visiting their South Coast home on September 22.

They allege he indecently assaulted the girl in the bedroom she shared with her sister.

Pollard had allegedly told his young victim: “Don’t tell anyone or I’ll hurt you.”

The incident was reported on October 16 after the girl told her mother what had happened.

Yesterday’s decision by the SPA comes after the outcry surrounding the decision to grant convicted child killer John David Lewthwaite bail on charges of obscene exposure.

Lewthwaite – who served 25 years jail for murdering 5-year-old Nicole Hanns – lived free in the community for weeks after being charged in August before his parole was revoked.

Lewthwaite was arrested after he was allegedly caught nude with another man in public as children played nearby.


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  1. Simone Patterson says:

    how do we find where sex offenders live and access the sex offenders register

    • Serendipity says:

      The sex offenders register is not open to the public & the police are the only ones that know where their current address is. Aussie Sex Offenders have their own database. If you want to know if someone is on our list you can email

      • Cheryl Terry says:


  2. Daniel Vine says:

    This man happens to be a father of two, me being 1, and while I may hate and dispose my father he in recent years is at leaSt trying to be a better person and finally settling down, if he is found for a repeat offence anytime recently you can gaurentee he will have more to fear from me than any one of you who’d try and harass him

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