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Posted: April 6, 2014 by Serendipity in Tasmania
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Jail for man who ‘loved’ 12-year-old girl

  • By Paul Carter
  • From: AAP
  • February 23, 2010 12:44PM

A TASMANIAN man who said he was in love with a 12-year-old girl has been sent to jail for sexually abusing the youngster.

Matthew Powell, 32, of Burnie, presented as a separated father caring for his own two young children when he befriended the girl and her mother, the Tasmanian Supreme Court in Hobart was told.

Powell and the girl had sex a number of times between March 2008 and January 2009, including a seven-day stay by her at his home after she had had a fight with her mother.

The sex continued after the girl returned home and until her mother spoke to Powell, concerned about her daughter’s behaviour.

“You told her mother that you loved her daughter and lied to her telling her that nothing had happened,” Justice Helen Wood said in her sentencing judgment today.

Despite the mother emphasising the wrongfulness of any sexual relationship with her daughter, Powell continued having sex with the girl.

Justice Wood said Powell once had sex with the girl after calling her into a bathroom where he was bathing his daughter, and locking the door to prevent the girl’s mother from entering.

“You are completely to blame,” Justice Wood told Powell.

“Although she consented she was too young and immature to make a decision about sexual activity with you.

“You were an adult and she trusted you.

“You have mentioned your love and feelings for her.

“That is not a matter in mitigation.

“Love for a child should mean you would seek to protect her from such behaviour.”

Justice Woods convicted Powell, who had pleaded guilty to maintaining a sexual relationship with a young person, sentencing him to two years and eight months’ imprisonment.

The first-time offender will be eligible for parole after serving 16 months’ of his sentence.


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  1. TheOne says:

    I’ve been replying to the emails I get. Just realised I have to comment in the section.

    This is a travesty, the Tasmanian Attorney-General or someone should be petitioning against this sentence. Parole after 16 months? For repeatedly raping a 12 year old and that is what it is, the journalist should have a good hard look at his writing and realise it wasn’t sex this pig was having with a 12 year old, it was repeated rape, a 12 year old can’t consent in this country journalist Paul Carter!

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