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Child porn repeat offender avoids jail

Posted October 12, 2011 15:05:33

A Tasmanian court has heard a man convicted of accessing and possessing about 12,000 child pornography images re-offended just eight months after being given a suspended sentence on similar charges.

In October 2007 Paul Johann Potgieter was convicted of accessing and possessing child pornography on his work computer.

He was given a suspended sentence and had his name added to the sex offender register until 2015.

He also lost his Treasury job.

The following year, the 36-year-old downloaded more than 12,000 images under 167 different user names on his private laptop.

The Supreme Court in Hobart heard there were psychological reasons behind his offending.

The court ordered that 12 months be added to the first suspended sentence and that eight months jail on the new offences should also be suspended.

Potgieter’s listing on the sex offender register will be extended until 2017.


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