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Location:  Ararat VIC – Penshurst / NSW – Was living in the Cairns / QLD area in 2006.

Offence:   Pleaded guilty in the Warrnambool Magistrates Court to five counts of indecent assault.

Another four charges were withdrawn.

Sentence:  Magistrate Michael Stone sentenced Ryan to serve 18 months in jail, with a non-parole period of 12 months.

Other:  See below

Ararat family seeks justice for son, brother sexually abused by priest

The actions of Father Paul David Ryan ripped the family of his victim Peter Watson apart. Now Peter’s brother, Mick, wants other victims of the former Ararat priest to come forward.

Mick and Peter Watson were raised as Catholics and attended a Catholic secondary school in Ararat, Marian College.

“It was just a normal childhood out on the farm. We played sport, did all the usual things,” says Mick.

That was until 1991, when a relatively young priest arrived at the school. He “wasn’t a stereotypical priest”, and a lot of the kids got on well with him. One of those who became friendly with Father Paul David Ryan was Peter.

Ryan invited Peter to spend the night at the parish house and it was there that he abused the 16-year-old. Almost overnight, Peter changed from a confident and popular student into “the complete opposite”.

“He had no pride in himself, he lacked self-esteem.”

Over the years, Peter turned to drugs and alcohol, and struggled to settle down.

“He’d get his life on track, he’d seem as though he was doing okay, then it would all fall in a heap and he’d be back to square one.

“It was a little bit of a mystery for a while, and then he confided in mum and dad. It answered a lot of questions about his behaviour.”

Peter’s parents were supportive and encouraged him to go to the police, but he said he couldn’t.

In March 1999, Peter drove to Ballarat and admitted himself to a psychiatric ward. After being assessed, he left and didn’t go back.

“And that was the last time he was seen.”

That was until October that year when his body was found in a bathing box in Melbourne. He had hanged himself.

But the torment for the Watson family didn’t end there. Peter’s body was buried in an unmarked grave and wasn’t formally identified and returned to Ararat until six years later.

Since his death, Peter’s parents have sought justice for their son. But the police said it would be difficult to prosecute the case since Peter was dead.

In 2006, Ryan was finally convicted of indecent assault for two other offences and spent a year behind bars. That same year, the Ballarat Bishop wrote Peter’s parents a letter, apologising on behalf of the church.

During the Victorian Parliamentary Inquiry into clergy sexual abuse, Peter’s mother, Helen, told her son’s story.

Now that the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse is underway, Mick wants other victims of Paul David Ryan to come forward. He wants justice for his brother and wants Ryan to admit to his brother’s abuse.

“I think it would be naive to think there aren’t more victims of this priest out there. It might really help some of these people get on with their lives.

“I know how hard it is, and I know what it does to a family and to an individual.”

The ABC’s Steve Martin spoke with Mick Watson.

You can contact the Royal Commission via its website or call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 if you have information.


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Age:   53 (2014)

Location:   Seaton / SA

Offence:   Pleaded guilty to four counts of unlawful sexual intercourse with the boy, aged between 13 and 14

Sentence:  Sentenced to seven years jail with a non-parole period of four years and six months.

Other:   Judge Rosemary Davey blasted the prosecution for accepting the submission that Higham believed the boy was 18.
“There is absolutely no evidence, other than the submissions made on behalf of this man, that this man is not a paedophile. In fact there is every indication that he is.” Judge Davey said.



Age:  52

Location:  Rockhampton / QLD

Offence:  Pleaded guilty in the District Court to maintaining a sexual relationship while working as a science

teacher at the girl’s high school in Rockhampton.

Sentence:  Judge Paul Smith imposed a six-year prison sentence.He has spent a year in custody and will be

eligible for parole in April 2015.

Other:  Harrison met the 14-year-old student while working as a science teacher at a high school in Rockhampton.


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Nayda has allegedly exposed indecent material to an undercover police officer posing as a child online & has pleaded not guilty to all charges. A bail application was denied. He will reappear in Albany District Court in April.

Man used fake Facebook profiles to dupe underage girls into sexual behaviour

Updated Tue 13 May 2014, 4:02pm AEST

A West Australian man who used fake Facebook profiles to ask several underage girls to engage in sexual acts and send naked pictures has been jailed.

Leo Nayda, 25, earlier pleaded guilty to six counts of exposing underage girls to indecent matters.

Albany District Court heard Nayda, from Gnowangerup, used fake Facebook profiles to dupe the girls while on a suspended prison term for similar offences.

The court was also told he did not report his telephone numbers to his supervising officer, as required, in a bid to avoid detection.

Nayda contacted five girls, aged between 12 and 14, and one police officer posing as a 13-year-old girl, asking them to send him naked pictures or engage in sexual acts in 2012 and 2013.

Sentencing Nayda to 32 months in jail, Judge Gillian Braddock described the offences as “perverting and frightening”.

Judge Braddock said Nayda was a “very lonely man” who was afraid of people rejecting him, and that he would say the right things while doing the wrong things.

Noting that Nayda suffered from a mental impairment and social isolation, she said she did not believe he would have gone through with any physical sexual abuse.

Judge Braddock imposed a 12-month sentence for the new offences, with an additional 20 months for the crimes Nayda had earlier received a suspended jail term for.

Nayda will be eligible for parole in September 2015.


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Sentenced to 6 months periodic detention

Sweet – Barry Robert -  NH - 2005-7-26

Jailed man ‘suffers from hypersexuality’

  • From: AAP
  • August 18, 2010 1:13PM

A MAN jailed for trying to procure a person aged under 16 for sex suffers from hypersexuality, a Melbourne court has been told.

Mark Swaby, 57, was found guilty by a Victorian County Court jury of using a carriage service – an internet chat room – for trying to procure a person aged under 16 for sex.

The charge relates to an internet chat room session he had in February 2008 with ‘Lisa’, who was actually an undercover police officer.

Swaby arranged to meet Lisa at Broadmeadows train station in Melbourne’s north. He wore a disguise, brought a digital camera and had alcohol waiting in his car.

In sentencing him on Wednesday, Judge Phillip Coish said Swaby had stated he was engaging in a sexual fantasy and believed ‘Lisa’ to be an adult.

“Your actions were very serious indeed,” Judge Coish said when sentencing Swaby on Wednesday.

“In my opinion, your conduct was predatory.

“Whilst there was no actual victim, your conduct is no less morally reprehensible.”

Swaby was divorced, semi-retired and had been doing contract work for Victoria’s rail authority.

He had been of good character prior to his offending and was a volunteer at the Scienceworks interactive museum, Judge Coish said.

He suffered from hypersexuality and was prescribed a female sex hormone to lower his sex drive.

Judge Coish said Swaby was not a pedophile. He said Swaby suffered from a depressive illness and was at an increased risk of suicide as a result of his incarceration.

He sentenced him to two years and six months in jail. But he imposed a reconnaissance release order that allows for Swaby to be released after 15 months, providing he is well behaved for a further 15 months and complies with a series of conditions.

Swaby’s 85 days in custody will count towards his sentence. He was also placed on the sex offenders’ registry.


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