John Farnsworth Saint Smith

Posted: May 4, 2014 by Serendipity in Photo, Queensland, Suspended Sentence
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Location:  Kingaroy/Sunshine Coast  –  Qld

Offence:  Pleaded guilty yesterday to having 3763 child porn images, videos or graphics on his computer

Sentence:  18 months probation and a $2000 good behaviour bond for two years on the Commonwealth charge of using the internet to access child pornography. Also sentenced to 12 months in jail on the state charge of possessing child exploitation material suspended for two years.

Other:  Was a former High School teacher whose computer was tagged within six minutes of logging on to a Croatian site.

Porn teacher admits guilt

Six minutes was all it took for federal police to nail John Farnsworth Saint Smith’s paedophile activity.

The Kingaroy State High School teacher of 22 years, who now lives on the Sunshine Coast, spent that time on a Croatian child porn site that had been tagged by the Commonwealth.

Federal police notified detective senior constable Adam Fairhurst and he took action.

The officer knocked on the door of Mr Saint Smith, 59, who admitted to the offence. He was one of three teachers charged during the national paedophile busts in June last year.

At a Kingaroy Magistrates Court hearing yesterday, Mr Saint Smith’s lawyer, Frank Martin, said his client would plead guilty to the charges of having kiddy porn on his computer as soon as the forensic testing was done.

More than 1000 porn images have been found. An undetermined number involve children thought to be aged between five and 17 years.

When Det Constable Fairhurst executed his search warrant, Mr Saint Smith was said to have used the words “stupid” and “infatuation’’ to explain his actions.

He told the senior constable he had seven images on his computer but it is now thought there are at least 43, along with 70 banner ads for child porn and sex sites, and six video files.

Forensic IT expert Michael Tarnawsky is trawling through the images to find what Mr Saint Smith viewed, when he looked at it, and for how long, and to determine if he saved the files or sent them on to other people.

The work is expected to be finished by the end of August and the images will be graded.

If they involve torture, cruelty or bestiality they will be given a rating of one under the Queensland Police grading system.

Adult pornography is given a ranking of seven and anything tagged as an eight or higher can be disregarded.

An animated level six image was viewed by the court after it was closed to the media.

The defence lawyers, magistrate Graham Buckley, the Commonwealth Prosecution’s legal officer Kila Pedder, Mr Tarnawsky and Mr Saint Smith then spent the next 50 minutes viewing the images so far captured and discussing the evidence around them.

Mr Martin said he would put Mr Saint Smith’s intention to plead guilty on the record.

“He’s not going to plead guilty today because the officer hasn’t completed his investigation into all the images and agreement on a set of facts has to be laid out,’’ Mr Martin said.

“My client accepts he had possession of child pornography and accessed child pornography under the Commonwealth charges.’’

Mr Saint Smith, who was given bail, will face court again for sentencing on a date to be set.


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