Kieran Vincent Salsone

Posted: May 4, 2014 by Serendipity in Queensland, Suspended Sentence
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Appeal sees punishment lifted for distributing net porn

  • by: Mark Oberhardt
  • From: The Courier-Mail
  • August 01, 2008 12:00AM

ATTORNEY-General Kerry Shine has won an appeal in which deterrence for those accessing child pornography on the internet was a major issue.

Mr Shine went to the Court of Appeal asking for an increase in a sentence imposed on Kieran Vincent Salsone so that convictions could be recorded against him.

In the District Court in Brisbane in March, Salsone, 22, pleaded guilty to distributing child exploitation material and possessing child exploitation material, in November and December, 2006.

The court was told police had used a “peer-to-peer” program to search the internet for child pornography and were able to download images from an IP address.

Police tracked the IP address to a house at Carina, in Brisbane’s east, where Salsone had been living. They found a computer tower which belonged to Salsone.

The court was told that, after being interviewed by police, Salsone admitted he had six video files and 122 child exploitation images. The videos involved sexual acts by children with adults and other children.

Salsone was sentenced to three years probation with no convictions recorded.

Mr Shine appealed on the grounds deterrence was so important convictions had to be recorded.
In an unanimous judgment released today, the Court of Appeal upheld Mr Shine’s appeal.

Salsone was resentenced to a wholly susended 15 months jail term combined with probation and convictions were recorded on both counts.

“The offences were so serious and the need for deterrence so great that convictions should have been recorded on each count,” the Court of Appeal’s President Maragret McMurdo said.


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