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Slater – Shane Phillip - Photo.

Child porn images ‘downloaded by accident’

12:00a.m. 31 October 2007

| By Rae Wilson

A senior Sunshine Coast public servant was searching for pornographic images of boys in their late teens to early 20s when he accidentally downloaded child abuse images, a court heard yesterday.

Shane Phillip Slater, 43, pleaded guilty in Maroochydore District Court yesterday to possession of 46 child abuse images, copying the images to a DVD and using the Internet to download them.

Judge Keith Dodds fined him $1000 and suspended a nine-month jail sentence for two years with convictions recorded.

“Every time someone like Mr Slater makes use of this sort of material, it offers encouragement to those who trade in the sexual exploitation of children,” he said.

Crown prosecutor Joe Crawfoot said 22 of the files were “chunk files” which could be put together to form a movie or viewed separately as images.

He said while Mr Slater admitted paying for some pornography, these images were “downloaded for free from a newsgroup he accessed via the Internet”.

“The most serious image downloaded relates to a 17-year-old boy that can be seen masturbating a 12-year-old boy,” he said.

Barrister Steve Courtney, instructed by Ryan and Bosscher Lawyers, said his client had worked at two councils before moving around south-east Queensland as a finance officer for Queensland Health for 17 years.

He said Mr Slater became the senior financial officer at the Sunshine Coast Health Services in 1994 but resigned soon after police executed a search warrant at his home in March, 2005.

Mr Courtney said Mr Slater had an interest in pornography involving boys in their late teens to early 20s but tried to cease the download of any child abuse material if any previews showed the content.

“He sought pornography of that group… but he accepts there was very little margin for error,” he said.

“Like-minded people would place images and movies for downloading (on newsgroups).

“He wouldn’t know what he was looking at until he had downloaded them.”

Mr Courtney said his client had moved interstate with his partner and ceased all contact with friends on the Sunshine Coast.

He said had found another finance job in public administration but had resigned, pre-empting the case arriving before the court.


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