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Posted: May 4, 2014 by Serendipity in NSW, Photo
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Ryan – Trevor Ross - Photo

Child rapist gaoled for 17 years

A PRISON escapee who kidnapped and raped a five-year-old Wagga Wagga girl while on the run has been gaoled for 16 years and nine months.

Trevor Ross Ryan, of Dubbo, was sentenced by Wagga Wagga District Court Judge Stephen Norrish yesterday (Thursday) for the sexual assault of the girl on July 16, 2011, after he abducted her from her bed following his escape from the minimum security Mannus Correctional Centre near Tumbarumba.

Judge Norrish told Ryan he would be behind bars for at least 12 years of a non-parole period, regional media report.

Judge Norrish said Ryan’s childhood of neglect and deprivation detailed in reports from the Department of Community Services gave an insight into how he came into the criminal system.

“The records provide a comprehensive account of the great deal of physical and emotional abuse at the hands of family members over a period of time,” Judge Norrish is quoted.

In one instance Ryan was struck with an iron bar by his own mother and was later protected from her by an apprehended violence order.

The result from his troubled childhood was a “significant anti-social personality disorder” the report said, which would see him resort to violence to solve matters.

However, it did not explain why he sexually assaulted the young girl, with his criminal history bearing no prior offences of that nature, the judge said.

“There is no evidence of paedophilia or a disorder to explain his conduct in a rational way or that he is a danger to the community in a permanent sense,” Judge Norrish said.

He said he felt satisfied Ryan was not a “predator”, but had committed an opportunistic crime initially carried out to obtain property – namely car keys – to assist him in evading police.

Judge Norrish found Ryan at the time had been high on illicit drugs and understood what he was doing was wrong.

Ryan escaped from Mannus Correctional Centre at about 4:25pm on July 14, 2011.

The next morning he stole a car from a Tumbarumba home and drove to Wagga Wagga were he got into the girl’s home after 4am.

Ryan took the girl from her bed, walking her out the back door and on to the street before picking her up and taking her to a block of units where she was sexually assaulted on the ground.

A couple in the units heard the girl’s whimpering and went outside to find Ryan walking down the street with the child on his back.

Ryan dropped the girl and ran when the couple called out.

The man ran after Ryan for some distances in an attempt to catch him, but Ryan disappeared.

A state-wide manhunt eventually found Ryan trying to hide from police in Sydney’s Redfern on July 22.

Ryan was given various sentences for breaking and entering, take drive and conveyance and stealing ranging from 20 months to three years and three months, which were partially accumulated.

The remaining sentences were then accumulated to give Ryan a total sentence of 16 years and nine months, with the non-parole period of 12 years.


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