Storen – Donald John - Photo

Aussie pedophile deported from Indonesia

Adam Gartrell, Indonesia Correspondent

September 7, 2010

An Adelaide man who spent the last fours years in an Indonesian jail for sexually abusing teenaged boys is being deported back to Australia.

Former boxing promoter Donald John Storen, 61, was in Indonesian immigration department custody in Bali on Tuesday awaiting a Wednesday morning flight to Perth.

Storen was released from prison on the neighbouring island of Lombok last month after finishing his sentence and has been awaiting deportation ever since.

Storen was jailed in 2006 for sexually abusing four boys, aged 13 to 15, in Lombok’s Senggigi resort area, where he worked as a hotel manager.

Storen’s trial was told he lured the boys to his hotel room with promises of cash and other inducements. The boys were then paid as little as $A5 each in return for sexual favours.

He would take off their clothes and watch pornographic videos with them before abusing them, the court was told.

Storen maintained his innocence throughout the trial, claiming the boys made up the accusations to avoid being charged for breaking into his room and stealing his things.

Storen’s appeal was dismissed by Indonesia’s Supreme Court in 2007.


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  1. Bill says:

    Lets not ever forget Don Storen was associated with Adelaide’s sex killers known in the media as ‘the family”. At least 7 boys were tortured & murdered. The police are aware of who were members of this group; but the DPP ruled the evidence not enough to guarantee prosecution. Only one person was prosecuted – Bevan Von Eiman, because hair of one of the victims was found in his home. It has been alleged that many more young male hitch hikers were picked up, drugged, tortured & killed but their bodies have never been located.

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