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Jewish youth camp volunteer Daniel Robert Hayman given suspended sentence over indecent assault of 14yo boy

Updated 3 hours 27 minutes ago

A Jewish youth camp volunteer has been handed a suspended sentence for indecently assaulting a boy in the 1980s.

Daniel Robert Hayman read the Book of Psalms and fidgeted in his chair as the magistrate told the court the indecent assault of the 14 year old was “not an isolated aberration at the time”.

Hayman was 24 and recently married when he led his victim into an isolated area and assaulted him at Camp Gan Israel at Stanwell Tops, south of Sydney, in the 1980s.

Magistrate David Williams told the court the victim kept Hayman’s secret for many years because he felt “the offender was popular and he was a nobody”.

Hayman has been given a 19-month suspended sentence.

Magistrate Williams said he needed to apply the law as it was at the time of the offence but said if it had occurred today he “would have had no hesitation in sending him to jail”.


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Jewish camp leader sentenced for abuse

10:51am June 10, 2014

Read more at http://news.ninemsn.com.au/national/2014/06/10/10/26/jewish-camp-leader-sentenced-for-abuse#ctyZp3mGFpWu8umP.99

  1. Anne Wills says:

    Is the Magistrate serious with this sentencing. The victim has had a sentence of over thirty years and this guy has had his freedom for this amount of time. Maybe the sentences imposed by some of these judges needs to be looked at with a please explain and if there is a pattern they should not be adjudicating in these matters. Government should set up a revolving ( to avoid corruption by these child molesters) panel of none legal members of the wider community to look in to these judges that make unwanted comments and inadequate sentences.

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