Shane Edward Harvey will be released in early October after Supreme Court Justice Peter Flanagan ordered Harvey

be released from jail as soon as he has finished a sex offender course. He will be subject to a strict supervision order.

Justice Flanagan said Harvey had told the court he now understood that women should be respected and were not

sex objects.



Violent rapist loses freedom bid

By Australian Associated Press

Published: 16:13 AEST, 20 June 2014 | Updated: 16:13 AEST, 20 June 201

Violent rapist Shane Edward Harvey’s appeal against indefinite detention has been dismissed by the Court of Appeal.

Harvey first raped in 1993 and while on bail in 1994 attacked a second woman.

After a Supreme Court hearing in 2006, Harvey was ordered to be held indefinitely in custody under the Dangerous Prisoners (Sexual Offenders) Act 2003.

However, he was released the following year on the condition he didn’t commit an indictable offence, with psychiatrists backing the decision.

His freedom didn’t last long.

In 2008, he turned on a 54-year-old female friend at her New Farm unit.

He brutally bashed, sexually assaulted and robbed her, and the woman died before the case went to trial.

Harvey was returned to custody and has remained there since.

The indefinite detention order was imposed on six grounds including a breach of a curfew, a positive drug test to tetrahydrocannabinol, the fact he had a two-year-old child stay with him at his premises, and that he caused grievous bodily harm to the woman.

Harvey appealed his detention, arguing the judge erred when weighing up the evidence of the attack.

The Court of Appeal dismissed the application on Friday.

Justice Ann Lyons said there was clear evidence Harvey breached his supervision order and rejected any argument the judge had erred.

“The appellant remained a high risk of reoffending sexually,” she said.


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  1. Anne Wills says:

    Regarding Shane Edward Harvey. Congratulations to this judge for using common sense and the power of the law with which she was vested. If the judges in the proceeding cases against this degenerate had done their job that lady would be alive today to see her children grow up. Shame on them.

  2. PrettyGurl says:

    ** Please note **
    ( that my comment does not only relate to the story that I have clicked on here’ it goes and relates to every single person who is listed on this site and every other National Sex Offenders/Child Molester Register )
    In My Opinion..,.,
    Why are any of these men even given the chance to re enter back into society or from what I have seen on this site’ given bonds’ weekend detention’ etc.
    The magistrates who are handing down there so called ” sentences ” should really be ashamed of themselves!
    I thought that they were there to help protect and make the best decisions for all involved!
    It seems as if the only winners in these circumstances are the sex offenders themselves!
    Where was the ” choice ” given to the victims of these convicted offenders’ that’s right there was none!
    So whilst the victims are serving a life sent ev’ some haunted still on a daily basis’ these poor excuses for human beings are planning what to do on their release dates!
    No wonder people take the law into their own hands’ and that people have no faith in the judicial system anymore!
    I can definitely say that i certainty do not!
    Shoot the filth on the spot there and then I say!
    Then there will be no likelihood that they will ever reoffend and they will not be taking up the space in our correctional centres!
    An eye for an eye!
    Bring back capital punishment!

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