Douglas James Wade

Posted: July 10, 2014 by Serendipity in NSW, paedophile
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The State Parole Authority has refused parole for Wade for a third time.

He will be considered for parole again in 12 months.


Douglas James Wade has been denied parole for a second year running.
The earliest the parole authority will next consider parole for Wade is June, 2016.



Could a convicted criminal be returing to Canberra?

A Canberra family live in fear daily that the killer of their 22 month old girl may soon walk the streets of the ACT, even though he was “jailed for life”. Marcus Paul speaks exclusively with the father on Canberra Live.  Listen here



The State Parole Authority rejected Wade’s application for parole after the Serious Offenders Review Council advised that it is not appropriate for the offender to be considered for release on parole at this time. He will be able to apply for parole again next year.


Age: 51 (2014)

Location: Tumut / NSW

Offence: Convicted for the sexual assault & murder a 22 month old girl that he was babysitting in 1988.

Sentence: Life in prison for the murder of the child & 10 years jail for sexual intercourse with her and sentenced to 10 years for sexual assault.

Other: Under legislation brought out just after his conviction, Wade has since applied to the NSW Supreme Court for a determination of his life sentence and has asked for a fixed term. Justice Megan Latham ordered this sentence be a maximum of 36 years and set his earliest date of release as August 2014.


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