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Murray has been caught working at a convenience store in King Street less than 100m from Haileybury College’s new city campus, serving dozens of unsuspecting children every day.

He quit after questioning from the Herald Sun.



Location: Footscray / Kinglake West / VIC

Offence: Murray was convicted in 1991 of three counts of indecent assault and one of supplying liquor to a minor.

Sentence: He was sentenced in the Preston Magistrates’ Court, to six months’ jail for the assaults and fined $400 for the liquor offences.

Other: Murray worked in a Footscray Comic shop. He has also worked as a basketball coach and a youth camp co-ordinator. He was a field officer for Church of England Boys Society in the 1980’s.

Convicted pedophile running Melbourne toy shop

A man who served a jail sentence for child sexual assault is reportedly working in a Melbourne toy store after exploiting a loophole in Victoria’s child protection laws.

Stephen Maxwell Murray, who has three convictions for indecently assaulting underage boys, is running Animasia, a comics, games and toy store in Carlton, News Corp has reported.

Murray has been in charge of Animasia for several years, running model-making workshops and competitions for children and teens.

He is not breaking any laws, as there is no requirement for people working in child-focused retail to qualify for a working with children permit.

However, Attorney-General Martin Pakula has pledged to look into reforming the system to close that loophole.

“Like any parent I’m extremely concerned at the prospect of this happening,” he said.

Murray had previously worked at another Melbourne comics store, The Crypt, but was fired a decade ago when his past came to light.

The owner, Carmel Barbara, said at the time she wanted to “give (Murray) a chance”.

However, a fierce public outcry forced her to terminate his employment.

He was convicted in 1991 of three counts of indecent assault and one count of supplying liquor to a minor, and received a six-month jail sentence, the Daily Mail has reported.


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  1. Henrysetches says:

    Bloody hell one of Barry Watsons mates from Church of England boys society

    Park Orchards

  2. steve says:

    its Barry Watsons church of england boys society pedophile mate. they attacked kids at park orchards

    what low lives

  3. Scott says:

    Stephen is a low life rat.

  4. Maxwell and Watson ,, Barry Francis Watson of park orchards , just google him filth

  5. Tom says:

    How many damaged from the Church of England boys society ,, does the Anglican Church ever care ,, happened in every state in Australia and was a paedophile ring apparently

  6. Mel says:

    Targeting innocent young boys at primary school camps and CEBS. You should be in rotting in jail!

  7. Williamwhrn says:

    Another Church of England boys society filthy pedophile lowest form of existence they are

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